Sunlight funnel absorbs 99% of light

Innovative cables that are more durable and reliable

OliLight hiking lamp sends a distress signal when disaster strikes

The next generation of ultra-efficient electronic devices and batteries

Batteries, which do not heat up, are being developed by the scientists of the Brookhaven National Laboratory at the Department of Energy, USA. Superconductors are the main source of energy efficiency. These stunning materials allow the electric current to flow freely without resistance. However, this usually occurs only at temperatures within a few degrees of absolute zero (minus 459 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes it difficult to deploy today. However, scientists can use superconductivity forces at room temperature. They can transform how energy is generated, stored, distributed and used around the world.

62 days ago

Candid is the smile you want

The technology, which fixes the bite was developed by Candid Co. Spinoff develops and sells orthodontic aligners, printed on a 3D printer and approved by the US Department of Health Supervision, designed to correct weak and moderate bite defects. The founding team includes graduates from Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and Yale.

79 days ago

iLet is a fully integrated bionic pancreas

iLet spinoff is an artificial pancreas of a new generation for diabetics, which was created by Beta Bionics company. The main goal of the company is to facilitate the lives of people who live with diabetes or are associated with glycemic dysregulation. The team of the company consists of bioengineers from Boston University. Adaptive management of the artificial pancreas was developed by such scientists as Ed Damiano and Firas El-Hatib. Then it was laid on the basis of the iLet device.

80 days ago

Sirеn smаrt diаbetic sоcks mоnitor foоt tempеrature


Flow battery solution

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