This category includes technologies that have started from the deep scientific research, developed the innovative technology to solve the urgent problem of a mankind and had it patent-protected. However, as it happens with more than 50% of scientific spinoffs with excellent commercial potential, these companies could not leave the Valley of Death and reach a positive cash flow before the initial investments in the company ended.

In most cases, the main reason for the failure of such companies is inadequate work in searching of new rounds of investments or unwillingness to partner with strategic investors in the early stages, or frequently interest in bootstrapping in hope of rapid commercial success of the product without additional external investments. Unfortunately, most Spinoff Founders also have insufficient business experience, in contrast to scientific, and make fundamental mistakes in calculating the business model or have excessive optimism about new technology adoption speed. As a result, it leads to unrealistic requirements for the stock of own funds and scheduling terms of reaching the positive cash flow, which is the main reason for the inability to continue operational activities and subsequent bankruptcy of the company.

During each year we notice more than 2.000 of very promising science spinoffs with technologies that could make our world much better. However, they are forced to initiate a bankruptcy procedure. This leads not only to the loss of billions of dollars of already made investments, but also to real human dramas. As a rule, the first investors in Science Spinoffs, besides academic organizations (public investments), are scientists themselves, as well as their close people, the so-called "Family and Friends Investors" who believed in the future of commercial success of the technology and invested their personal savings into the company.

We consider our task to reduce the number of bankruptcies of such Science Spinoffs till 2022 by 30% by creating and implementing an anti-bankruptcy program which includes: "speed investment" from strategic investors and partners, involving experienced business mentors to supervisory board of directors and building the correct strategy for the development of the company and all business processes, as well as help in speeding up the development of the network of commercial partners and cash flow scaling. Most of the unique technologies that are presented in this category will have a 2.LIFE chance with the subsequent commercial success when implementing this program.

If you consider that your Science Spinoff is in the stage of pre-bankruptcy or bankruptcy procedures and it needs urgent support and investments – please send us detailed information about your project to and we will do our best to help you in the shortest possible time.

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EnStorage Inc

Flow battery solution

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Dr. Arnon Blum on EnStorage highly efficient energy storehouse system which delivers a cost-effectіve solution.

EnStorage was іnvented by Arnon Blum who holds PhD and MBA degrees from Tel Avіv Unіversіty. The cost-effectіve, grіd-scale, energy storehouse system based on an exclusіve flow battery. Іt can store and dіspatch energy іn an affordable, secured, and seamless manner. EnStorage’s patented Hydrogen Bromіde (HBr) system stable operatіon equals 10K cycles and benefіts employing low-cost chemicals as well as simple operations. The technology may be applіed by grіd operators, renewable developers, dіstrіbutіon companіes and commercіal customers etc. The unіque battery offers energy producers a top level of effіcіency that wіll result іn hіgher returns and better payback perіods and іt also solves the crucіal global energy storage problem.