aaa/unbranded® is a brand of perfumes and skincare based in London with production sites in Italy, Spain and France. aaa/unbranded® stands for an unorthodox approach to life, beauty and body care. The three aaa/ stand for Assembled Around Aesthetics, meaning the development of a creative process that takes inspiration from different worlds to give a unique feature to the products. The skincare line is composed of products that, starting from the feet and legs, give well-being to the whole body. These products have professional origin formulas and natural ingredients, and this means a great effect on the skin. The perfumes are now represented by the "N series", an olfactory journey in 9 stages, with scents made with a particular aging technique. aaa/unbranded® stands for an  unorthodox approach to life, beauty and body care, with unconventional skincare and perfumes.


Each product in the skincare range comes from professional experience. The company has developed highly effective formulas making them for daily use, with immediate effect on the skin. The"N series" perfumes represent an olfactory journey in 9 stages, inspired by the phases of human life. And as in life, these perfumes are released to the public during the time. They are made in France in Grasse, and subsequently, undergo an aging process in steel barrels for 3 to 8 months.

The company pays close attention to reducing waste as much as possible. For this reason, the packaging is very minimal. For the skincare line, it uses 45% less cardboard on the secondary pack, preferring to use easily recyclable plastic for the primary. For perfumes, always uses cardboard for the secondary wrapping, designed to guarantee maximum safety during transport, and glass for the primary packaging.

What makes the products different is the amount of base ingredients that are used compared to generic formulas or scents. Balanced ingredients, high absorption, reduced loss of product during application (eg scrub) and greater hold of the active ingredients on the skin, as well as for perfumes, mean that very little product is needed to achieve great results.

That’s why all skincare and perfumes by aaa/unbranded® are:


The founder is Mario Innocente, with a long experience in the world of design, communication and marketing. The idea was to propose an unconventional approach to the beauty world, taking inspiration from the worlds of design and fashion. Hence the idea of Assembled Around Aethetics (aaa/unbranded®). So, the product is part of a larger project concerns the environment and the person, where creativity meets research to create simple, but highly effective products.

The board of the brand also includes Vittorio Cosma, financial and retail expert, Daniela Neiderer with experience in the world of luxury hospitality and Tommaso Signori digital and social expert.


We are here ’cause we’re simply UNCONVENTIONAL... 

What does UNCONVENTIONAL mean?

This guiding concept has nothing to do with being eccentric at all costs or everytime different. Unconventional means having a personal thought, not following the fashions or trends of the moment, but proposing your own vision, a personal perspective. 

The brand isn’t trying to please everyone, that would be boring. But it knows that curious people—those who go beyond appearances, the people who like to stand out from the crowd without being ‘too much’—are the people who will love what the brand does. 

And don’t be fooled by appearances. There are no fantastically designed bottles here, no moon-shaped or elf-like caps. Thee aim is to remove all that is superfluous so that people can focus on the content rather than the container. 

There’s always time to think like the masses, so the brand has chosen instead to appeal to people with an open mind, those who can see things from many different points of view. People who don’t just see a form, but also substance. 

That’s why the brand has crafted a simple image, emptied of everything so that people can focus on what is really valuable. The value of everyone who puts love into what they do to convey a scent, a story, a message. It tends to everything down to the smallest detail and still carry out many steps by hand, because it’s better that way. Even the packaging is hand-marked, one by one.

The brand can do more, for nature and people too. 

The natural ingredients and the care that it puts into making the products is an indispensable pillar for the brand, precisely because they are used on people’s skin. And health is a serious matter. And beauty too obviously.

In the age of consumerism, most companies focus entirely on quantity, at the risk of having to lower their guard when it comes to quality.

Yet the brand aims to meet the needs of people of all genders who understand the importance of quality products and the care that goes into the selection of ingredients.


a. Feet and Legs Products, medium RRP €32.00

This product family includes:

BEFORE WALKING / feet and legs regenerating lotion

This BEFORE WALKING lotion is designed to tone foot and leg tissues at the beginning of the day, working synergistically to strengthen cell walls and stimulate microcirculation. Thanks to the extract of Guarana, Blueberry and Centella, this lotion has a stimulating, vasotonic, draining activity and acts as a stimulant of tissue trophism.

AFTER WALKING / feet and legs anti-fatigue cream

This AFTER WALKING cream is a specific formulation to refresh and rehydrate the skin of the feet and legs. As effective as a real beauty treatment, it refreshes, protects and soothes legs and feet in a single gesture. It has also a protective, anti-fatigue and draining action thanks to a special complex of essential oils of peppermint, white thyme, rosemary, lavender, calendula and hawthorn extract. Constant use prevents dryness and keeps the skin hydrated for a long time.

FOOT-MASK / disposable relaxing socks

FOOT-MASK are disposable socks consisting of a non-woven fabric soaked in a moisturizing emulsion. The emulsion has a pleasant texture with keratoplastic ingredients such as urea, glycolic acid, ideal for softening the stratum corneum, and salicylic acid with keratolytic and purifying action.

LEG MASK / relaxing bandage for legs and abdomen

LEGS-MASK is a soaked bandage against the imperfections of cellulite and water retention. It stimulates lipolysis and frees excess fluids by smoothing the treated skin surface. It exerts a detoxifying and draining effect giving relief to tired and weighted legs thanks to the caffeine in cyclodextrins, phosphatidylcholine, and extracts of blueberry, horse chestnut, ivy and Centella.

THE SCRUB / exfoliant with dry rice

THE SCRUB is a mechanical exfoliant with dry rice extract that favors the elimination of superficial dead cells leaving the skin soft and smooth and apricot kernel for elimination of superficial dead cells. The vegetable granules gently remove the keratinized cells, promote superficial microcirculation and the elimination of toxins.

b. Body and Arms products, medium RRP €39.00

This product family includes:

BELLY SERUM / stimulates microcirculation, lipolysis and drainage.

BELLY SERUM is an ideal body serum for toning and counteracting cellulite blemishes. It stimulates microcirculation, lipolysis and drainage. It shapes the silhouette while keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

CLEARIN BODY CREAM / fair, pale and delicate skin cream.

CLEARIN BODY CREAM is a nourishing and emollient cream ideal for fair, pale, oriental and delicate skin. Contains the postbiotic “Lactobacillus ferment” which, thanks to its protective action on the integrity of the skin barrier, gives comfort to sensitive skin. Almond oil and shea butter give elasticity and tone.

Type I: Extremely fair skin, always burns, never tans;

Type II: Fair skin, always burns, sometimes tans;

Type III: Medium skin, sometimes burns, always tans;

DARKIN BODY CREAM /  black or mulatto skins cream.

DARKIN BODY CREAM is a smoothing and regenerating body milk specifically designed for the treatment of black or mulatto skins. Its special formula stimulates cell turnover thanks to the exfoliating effect of fruit acids which help reduce the stratum corneum and, at the same time, stimulate new skin cell production. This peculiarity counteracts imperfections and dehydration making the skin soft and well hydrated.

Type III: Medium skin, sometimes burns, always tans;

Type IV: Olive skin, rarely burns, always tans;

Type V: Moderately pigmented brown skin, never burns, always tans;

THE MUD / against cellulite blemishes mud.

THE MUD is ideal against cellulite blemishes and loss of skin tone and elasticity. Contrasts adipose accumulations and tissue atony giving a silky effect to the skin. It contains Garcinia Cambogia which, thanks to hydroxycitric acid, inhibits the accumulation of subcutaneous fats, milk proteins that stimulate tissue metabolism and ginseng, which stimulates superficial blood circulation and the transfer of liquids.

SUGSCRUB/ deep-acting sugar-based scrub.

SUGSCRUB is rich in sugar crystals with a delicious chocolate – vanilla scent. It melts on the skin to smooth the stratum corneum and gives it its nutrients. The combination of Moroccan argan oil and sugar provides vitamins and fatty acids that restructure the base of the skin.

TONED X ARMS / against loss of tone and skin relaxation.

TONED X ARMS counteracts the loss of tone and skin relaxation in the inner area of the arms, and also for the thighs and buttocks skin. Its formula contains precious cow’s milk proteins to stimulate tissue metabolism and is rich in biocompatible marine derivatives. With each application the skin is more and more toned and compact.

HAND MASK / disposable gloves.

HAND MASK is a disposable non-woven glove with a nutrient and moisturizing emulsion. It keep hands soft and supple by deeply nourishing the skin thanks to organic olive leaf extract, shea butter and vegetable complex rich in hygroscopic, moisturizing and dermal stimulant substances. A true concentrate of natural active ingredients that restores intense well-being and softer skin to the epidermis in just 15 minutes of application.

c. Neck and Face products, medium RRP €28.00

This product family includes:

YO-MASK / two-component mask based on red fruits.

YO-MASK is an innovative two-component compound mask to be used to prevent face and neck skin aging. This product is obtained by combining a mixture of red fruits with a powder activator which gives an extraordinary recompacting and antioxidant effect. It is a face and neck mask perfect for a firming and soothing action, visible just after the first application.

NOURISHING BUTTER / after bath, shower or sun,  toning moisturizing butter for face and body.

NOURISHING BUTTER is a rich and melting full-body product, with a sweet fragrance that makes its application a real pleasure for the senses. Ideal for nourishing and moisturizing dehydrated skin after a bath or shower, but also useful as an after sun. The combination of shea butter and jojoba oil provides a supply of super nourishing and softening substances for the skin.


aaa/unbranded® products have a very particular packaging, which uses 40% less cardboard, making the product visually appealing and immediately recognizable. Inside the external cardboard pack, are printed a lot of information to the best use of the product. The primary packaging is made of non-toxic easily-recyclable plastic, resistant to shocks and sudden changes in temperature. They were made to really stand out in the Skincare category.


aaa/unbranded® is a very young brand. Since its launch in February 2022, and the opening of the new office in London, the brand had a good following of the public, as well as in the United Kingdom also in northern Europe, Italy and Spain, focusing in the premium target.

The brand has its own online e-store which sells skincare and eau de parfum. The company is starting work within Luxury hotels and resorts with some welcome kits in the room.

The brand is constantly working on product research and development and to increase brand awareness. The brand has been contributing to the brand image since its launch. It is keen to find partners to work with closely in Europe.

The main marketing channels are:



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“The goal of aaa/unbranded® is to bring the consumer's attention to the product and the story contained in it, not on the packaging”- Tainara Dos Santos, Postal Market Magazine

“What does unconventional mean? Nothing to do with being eccentric, but rather, focused on the essence” - How to Spend it – ilSole24Ore Editor.