Achilles Heel Technologies, LLC (BYU technology) uses cutting-edge math and unique software to show you where your cyber-human-physical systems are most vulnerable to attack. Cybersecurity is essential because the threats are real - and growing. Malicious actors, ranging from individual hackers to established governments, regularly attempt to penetrate public and private infrastructure. They’re often successful. The complexity of modern systems, with all of their cyber, physical, and human components, usually presents many avenues of attack, some of which will be much more damaging than others.

Based on cutting-edge research, Achilles Heel enables government and commercial customers to model their complex systems, see where they’re vulnerable, and understand which successful attacks would be most damaging. Forewarned is forearmed, allowing much more effective defense and elimination of the serious vulnerabilities.

Achilles Heel Technologies, LLC provides services and products in the following areas: B5 Special Studies - Not R&D; AJ Gen. Science/Technology R&D. Their solution uniquely models complex cyber-physical-human systems and finds where hacking or other attacks could cause the most damage.

They bring you a real understanding of your vulnerabilities, so you can fix the problems that really matter and develop effective countermeasures. Achilles Heel Technologies, LLC can help government and enterprise customers protect critical infrastructure, in defense, finance, air-traffic control, refining, manufacturing, and more.

Sean Warnick, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University (BYU), where he heads the Information and Decision Algorithms Laboratories (IDeA Labs), is the inventor of the technology. Sandip Roy, a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Washington State University, responsible for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in systems & control theory, and also directs the Network Controls Group at WSU, is a co-founder. Jerry Rudisin, who has over 30 years of executive experience in B2B software companies, is the CEO at Achilles Heel Technologies, LLC