Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Nikola Znaor, the inventor of Airshade, about a responsive sustainable shading system powered by air that is sensitive to solar exposure with no need for any external energy source or sensors.

Current responsive shading systems use a remarkable amount of energy for production and maintenance. Furthermore, they use controlling elements like photosensors, external power sources, photovoltaic panels, and motors. This enlarges the impact on the environment and the overall embodied energy in buildings as well as costs in general. This proposal tends to make responsive shading self-sustaining, replacing these complex structures with simple natural processes making it a fully passive system. The shading system should reduce cooling costs, compensate thick walls and insulation used in buildings, improving the comfort in architecture. Airshade is applicable to a broad variety of buildings, constructions, facades, roofs, windows as it can vary in scale, size, material, and form.