Altearah is a French manufacturer of 'emotive cosmetics ' that creates a number of signature Parfum de Soin, body products and face range treatments based on organic and 100% natural essential oils and active ingredients. It applies the unique concept of colours and emotions spanning the rainbow and beyond. The multi-sensory experience provides immediate well-being in the spa and at home to overcome the emotional disconnections or difficulties. Altearah whole-heartedly believes in the importance of responsible and environmentally conscious living. All Altearah products are certified natural, organic and respectful of man and the environment thanks to several quality certifications: Ecocert, One Voice, Sud de France and Slow Cosmetics. A full range of Altearah products is perfect for all skin types for professional use and resale.


Since 2000, Altearah has been creating and manufacturing a range of organic cosmetics made from 100% natural and organic essential oils. The company is located in Bellegarde in the South of France, in the heart of the Camargue. It has its own laboratory and offices in a Provencal farmhouse, in between vineyards and lavender fields. Altearah whole-heartedly believes in the importance of responsible and environmentally conscious living. All Altearah products are certified natural, organic and respectful of man and the environment thanks to several quality certifications: Ecocert, One Voice, Sud de France and Slow Cosmetics.

The company is guided by the concept that offers a multi-sensory experience for immediate well-being in the spa and at home thanks to a full range of retail products. Over 20 years of know-how and experience in the development of aromatherapy and chromotherapy products makes the company competitive against new inexperienced indie brands.

«At Altearah we consider our clients to be our partners and together we place the well-being of our final clients as the focus of all our work. You must see it every day that the only way forward is to forge a special bond between your client and you. Within your institutes and spas, you are the one who provides a home away from home, a place that is comforting, nurturing and sustaining. Loyalty can only be created if we provide the products and services that can bring them back through your doors and which better way than to give an efficacious treatment using products that are ethically produced, unique and result-oriented. Altearah gives you an opportunity to work on your client’s emotions and provide them with a different solution adapted to that particular day. By providing treatments based on their emotional disconnections or difficulties, you will differentiate yourself from traditional massages and treatments. The extent to which you can work with your client's emotions will astound you and them - they will become your loyal customers and bring their families and friends to you as well».

Shahida Siddique
President of Altearah


Altearah offers a wide range of signature products based on "One Colour, One Emotion" concept. For the Parfums de Soin, body products and a face range the client can instinctively choose the colour that he or she would like to experience at the moment. This colour corresponds to the client’s need for the moment and will be echoed by the composition of essential oils and active ingredients which compose the products. The colour can also accompany the client in retail products to prolong the benefits of the treatment.

There are 5 essential colour schemes for Altearah products:

There is also some evolution in the color scheme, which contains nine additional colors that are also distributed in accordance with the client's special mood, goals and expectations from the procedure to promote well-being. These two additional blocks represent Happiness and Play. In the happiness block, there are five colors such as green, red, indigo, gold, blue and in the Play, there are four colors i.e. yellow, pink, purple and silver.



Altearah Bio has simplified the use of aromatherapy by formulating 14 ready-to-use essential oil compositions. 14 colours, 14 promises of well-being to meet all expectations for individuals and professionals. The human sense of smell informs about the environment in a reliable and nuanced way: it can tell about surroundings and even signal imminent danger. The scent is an information channel directly related to emotional memory. When a person passes by a kitchen or meets someone new an odor can play a significant role, it can instantaneously transport to old memories such as grandmother’s apple pie or remind of a loved one.

Altearah Bio Parfum de Soin are designed of natural ingredients such as wheat alcohol and organic essential oils for well-being to breathe and apply at spas as well as at home. A wide range of highly active products is certified organic for body and mind. For intense and powerful action and to respond to specific issues there. In treatment rooms, the Ritual begins and ends each treatment, like a beneficial parenthesis. At home, the spays may be used 3 to 5 times a day or as soon as the need arises for immediate action. Also, the company offers olfactive rituals as customer welcome at the reception, as a wellness ritual at conferences or at seminars.


Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics has a wide range of facial skincare products such as serums,  face creams, eye solutions, makeup removers, cleaning, face sprays, masks and scrubs. Expert in colour care, Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics reinvents the skincare treatments into an intelligent organic cosmetics, ultra-efficient and sensory, to enhance the skin every day. Each colour inspires a treatment, a step of beauty and well-being. Deep sensory, tenfold action, colour gives life to concentrate of high-performance active ingredients, a unique texture and fragrance. There are 6 colours White, Indigo, Purple, Turquoise, Silver, Polychrome for 6 key benefits: PURITY, CLARITY, ENERGY, SERENITY, REPAIR, SUBLIME.


FACE SERUMS (Bottle 15ml) 

All serums are real boosters. The perfect ally of the Sublime Face Cream.


SUBLIME EYE SOLUTION (Airless Bottle 15ml)

MAKEUP REMOVER OIL (Bottle 125ml) 



RADIANCE MASK & SCRUB (Tube 40 & 150ml) 

SUBLIME MASK (Professional Range - 10 sachets)



Resale format: 100ml, 14 Colours + Nutritive.


Professional Range: 250ml, 14 Colours + Nutritive.


CONCENTRATE (Roll-on Resale format: 5ml - Professional Range: 15ml, 14 Colours)

SCRUB (Jar Resale format: 400g. Professional Range: 1100g, 5 Essential Colours)

BATH SALT (Tub Resale format: 900g, Professional Range: 3.5kg, 5 Essential Colours, Gold, Silver)

All retail products can be purchased through Altearah's own online e-Boutique .

The RRP for Europe in the online store for some best sellers is the following:


For aesthetics professionals, Altearah offers a unique wellness approach, tailor-made treatments thanks to the massage creations and colour methodology. 

A range for Treatment rooms

In addition to the range of natural and organic products intended for the general public, Altearah offers treatment room formats specifically adapted to all healthcare professionals, institutes, spas, wellness centres etc. The range consists of massage oils in a pump bottle, scrubs 1, 1kg, bath salts 3.5kg, all skin care testers, 100 ml oils and Parfum de Soin testers, and samples.

A range of accessories

Altearah offers a choice of tools and accessories dedicated to caring as well as tools to raise customer awareness of the concept of colours: brochures, ingredient cards, colour test (colour chart), counter displays, posters, kakemonos, stickers, wall decorations.

Tools specific to the practice of care

Bath sheets, protective sheets for massage tables, towels, hand towels, pareos, reflexology tools to be integrated into protocols.


Altearah's training is structured in two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part. It gives the possibility to discover the applications of each colour, the use of products in treatments and at home, and advice for the customers to extend the benefits of an Altearah treatment.

Participating in Altearah's training courses is also the perfect time to meet other likeminded professionals and the Altearah team, and come up with ideas of how to integrate the brand into aesthetician's business and with own customers to take full advantage of its potential.

The trainings are all provided by certified trainers and take place at Altearah's headquarters in Bellegarde (Gard): the ideal place to enjoy nature in the Camargue, meet the whole team, and learn about the story of Altearah, and in Paris. The company also provides offsite trainings.


Altearah Bio offers a unique and differentiating concept for professionals. The brand puts its expertise at the service of wellness professionals, spas, beauty institutes, in a spirit of partnership and support. The USP of the brand comes out of:


There is simple and structured progressive commercial offer divided into 3 levels:

Innovative training courses are created and run by professional teams to support the partners, distributors. Also, the Altearah Bio brand offers several levels of training from initiation to expertise, the modules are divided into skill areas (colours, care techniques, customer expectations, personalization of care). Various tools are available to professionals, from merchandising to sales support tools and more specific care needs.


Currently, Altearah is represented in many countries in Europe (e.g. Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and France) and outside of Europe in the United Aram Emirates, Australia, Canada, the USA. The company applies different ways of working with markets. It is sold through distributors and resellers, through spa and beauty institutes. Altearah uses its unique protocols and rituals to improve facial and body skin and emotional well-being in world spas such as Royal Spa Evian and Bains de Sulzbad, France; Valamar Isabella Island Resort - Porec, Croatia; Dalouk Wellness Spa in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; Sport Hotel Hermitage - Soldeu, Andorra.

The company is ready for gradual market expansion and is open to cooperation with distributors from new markets. It is flexible enough for the markets, but it always takes time to synchronize with a new distributor. The company is ready to provide any help and assistance, as well as adjust to the specific requirements of a specific market for good relationships and sales.


"I have been working with Altearah Bio for over 15 years. I use the products in all of my treatments, whether it’s facial, massage or therapeutic. Altearah products give incredible results every time. I travel all over the world as a guest practitioner in high end resorts, people always find the Colour Test fascinating. It helps me create precise tailor-made treatments, and gives results adapted to each person. I highly recommend these exceptional quality organic products, which I use on myself every day!" KATRINA VALENTE, Beauty Expert and Facialist, Dubai, UAE

"With the Altearah range, I love the concept of detecting customer needs by choosing colours. This innovative approach and these excellent organic products bring an undeniable pleasure to use for our customers. I was drawn to the Altearah products for their colours, fragrances and organic certification. I have noticed that customers are intrigued by the history of colours and their impact on the emotional state. They particularly like Orange scrubs and products for their scent and effect." KRISTIJAN & JELENA MARE MARE ORGANIC SPA, Croatia


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