The device of rapid wound healing was developed by the associate professor of the Bukovinian Medical University, Ukraine. For more than 20 years, so-called vacuum therapy has been used to treat wounds all over the world. The main principle of its action is the creation of the wound of a negative pressure of a certain level, as a result of which excess fluid is removed from it. Moreover, just the excess fluid in the wound causes swelling and prevents normal blood circulation, provokes the accumulation of toxins and the lack of phagocytes, namely, cells that destroy the infection, which ultimately leads to suppuration and prevents healing.

If earlier doctors fought with this, drying the wound with iodine, alcohol, special ointments, which somewhat slowed the growth of tissues and wound overgrowth, now the problem eliminates the vacuum. Negative pressure in the wound is created by a special system consisting of a vacuum pump that automatically maintains a stable negative pressure in the wound, with appropriate dressing, drains, etc.

Vacuum therapy has a number of advantages. Patients do not need to change the bandage every day or twice a day, as with a vaccine, one bandage serves several days. It is hygienic, without an unpleasant odor, and its transparency allows the surgeon to monitor the wound condition without causing any inconvenience and pain to the patient. The price of such a device is quite high. Even a portable, so-called pocket pump with a bandage kit costs an average of 140-220 euros, which makes this advanced technology virtually inaccessible.

The surgeon of the University Hospital - Emergency Department, associate professor of the Bukovina Medical University Alexander Bilyk created other technology to help patients take advantage of this device. According to the scientist, unlike foreign-made pumps, most of which are disposable, their device can be used many times, which significantly reduces its cost. It can work both on batteries and accumulators. It is more powerful and has two modes of operation. For example, if a patient has a drainage in the pleural, abdominal or bladder, the pump is tuned to the draining regime, for which a different pressure level is set. Thus, it is more universal.

The developers took care of one more nuance. Foreign pumps are sold with "native" adapters and accessories and these adapters cannot be replaced. However, Ukrainian pumps are adapted for pipes of conventional systems, which can be changed many times. Given these features of the Ukrainian device, it does not need to be bought for each patient separately. Several of them are enough to provide for years the need for a whole department. According to Konstantin Palaguta, the head of the development team, scientists had been working under the implementation of Alexander Bilyk's idea for a year. When everything was ready, they conducted bench tests and released the first trial consignment.

Using the Angela® pump showed the effectiveness of the device. The woman who used this device completely healed two wounds on her legs for the month, which she had previously treated ineffectively for five and seven years. One more person healed wounds for three months that did not heal for 15 years. Burns are also easier to heal with the help of the pump, and due to the fact that it takes away all the toxins from the wound and the level of sugar falls at times in diabetes (lat. Diabetes Mellitus). In addition, this is not all the therapeutic possibilities of the Angela® pump. Currently, developers modernize their product and look for financial support.