The inventor from South Korea developed an ARMC that is a wearable artificial pancreas for diabetics patient, which has the ability to automatically and separately deliver insulin to the patient. It has the ability to autonomously measure the level of glucose in the blood by the help of built-in blood glucose meter device.

The inventor Jeon Kiseop from the Hongik University had created a wearable artificial pancreas ARMC for diabetics patients. The device is completely automatic.

Patients, which have type 2 diabetes (lat. Diabetes Mellitus), should continuously monitor the blood glucose level and make injections of insulin. This is quite uncomfortable and, consequently, many patients have physical and psychological discomfort. There is a constant psychological burden due to fear of passing an injection or becoming addicted to these drugs and not being able to perform routine and go to work. The inventor wanted to find a solution that would allow patients to feel comfortable in their everyday life and not to feel desperate because they are diabetics.

The ARMC has the ability to autonomously regulates the level of glucose in the blood by the help of built-in device glucose meter that can send the information to the phone app through the Bluetooth, and permanently measures the amount of insulin needed through this app.

It is an artificial pancreas that separately provides the insulin for diabetic patients, which have the insulin pump installed in the ARMC. The application permanently analyzes the level of glucose through recorded blood glucose and insulin dosage data and can be used for medical treatment. The insulin injection method has the same system as the traditional insulin pump. It uses the same charging device as the usual smartphone and it can be charged easily.

The developer tried to create not just the artificial pancreas, which autonomously measures the level of insulin patient needs to inject, but that it was comfortable and portable. Nevertheless, artificial pancreas, which is open-sourced, has already developed and used by patients, their design is uncomfortable and big. Such devise usually consists of the insuline pump, the continuous glucose measuring instrument and the portable battery. Patients should cover the whole system by clothes. This innovative ARMC does not need to be hidden in clothes. The size of the product was decreased. The device can be controlled through the smartphone app.