Arrivo is the technology which will change our world in the future and solve a number of problems of the modern society. It is assumed that Arrivo will become an underground transport of the future, which will provide the 21st century with passenger and freight traffic.

Brogan BamBrogan is the founder of Arrivo. He is also the former engineer of SpaceX and Hyperloop One. He and his team are going to build the first high-speed magnetic circuit, which is fully networked, ultra-safe, 100% reliable and commercially stable, and also able to solve the problem of traffic jams.

The idea of Arrivo has originated from the ideas of Hyperloop One and Elon Musk's Boring Company. The Arrivo concept is reminiscent of Hyperloop because it is supposed to use the magnetic circuit for accelerated traffic and is very similar to Elon Musk’s project to fight traffic jams. The main difference is that Arrivo company plans to move cars on electromagnetic carts not through tunnels, but along dedicated highway lanes. Despite the fact that tunnels are compulsory for construction of the Hyperloop system, they will not be used in the construction of Arrivo. There is an advantage in rejecting tunnels. The absence of tunnels will reduce the cost of construction.

The vacuum trains conceived by Elon Musk were able to speed up the movement only between cities. The Arrivo project offers longer distance tracks, however, magnetic tracks, according to the idea of the developer, will allow reducing the travel time by 5- 6 times even during the rush hours.

The speed of the modules will reach 320 km/h on the track. The magnetic strip will allow to considerably increase the flow of cars. It is expected to increase from 2000-3500 cars
to 20 000 cars per an hour.

Arrivo plans to build a test route along the E-470 toll road. This road is situated in the eastern part of Denver and runs north-south along past the airport. If this project is successful, the company will begin working on Arrivo system in 2019. They assume that construction will take two years.

The rapidly growing population and the booming economy make for a perfect location for the development of the Arrivo system. Arrivo’s extra decision to locate their test facilities, hiring up to 200 employees by 2020 and contributing $10 – 15 million to our economy in 2018, is evidence of the innovation process which will stimulate our economic progress.

As Brogan BamBrogan says, the main purpose is not the maximum speed, but the ability to get from one point to another without traffic jams.