Sugarpova - tennis icon’s confectionery line


Defining better cannabis with Tyson Ranch


Ladder protein to fuel workouts

Cincoro is the finest tasting tequila

Cincoro is the finest tasting tequila that was created by NBA basketball icon Michael Jordan and his friends, professional basketball gurus Wyc Grousbeck, Emilia Fazzalari, Jeanie Buss and Wes Edens. In July 2016 they commemorated and share their love of tequila with others through Cincoro Tequila. Inspired by their mutual passion, they scrupulously stepped into each stage of tequila creation, from the harvesting to the production, from design to the magnificent and unique Cincoro Tequila’s taste. With great respect for tradition, Cincoro is focused on the highest quality using small-batch production methods from cooking to distilling, ageing and blending. The drink turned out so premium quality that it was sold out in four markets even before its official launch. The parent company is called Cinco Spirits Group. It is named in honour of the five partners who bonded over tequila at that grand dinner.


Proper No. Twelve Whiskey is a single malt Irish whiskey

Proper No. Twelve Whiskey is a personal retail brand of a delicious blended Irish whiskey created by UFC star and the world’s fourth-highest paid athlete Conor McGregor. It is featured with smooth notes of vanilla, honey and toasted oak. Made at one of Ireland’s oldest distilleries, this whiskey has a traditional Irish character and has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The brand aims to show the passion put into making Irish whiskey and the passion of those that drink it. A special triple-distilled blend created by McGregor and ex-Guinness Brewery Master Distiller David Elder is fruity and sweet, perfect for sipping. The purse of the launch in Ireland and the US is so large that it could transform the UFC legend into a billionaire, according to ringside analysts.



The RinseKit is the first portable shower which you can take everywhere and not worry about your look after your activities. It is simply to use but it is real luxury inside of a little package. The RinseKit is invented by Chris Crawford. It is not just a new gadget but it is a new way of comfortable lifestyle.


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  • 73 Retail and Distribution Companies;
  • Purchasing volume over EUR 368 million a year;
  • 71 Countries are covered;
  • Cash upfront payment;
  • Bulk Discount and Equity for Distributors;
  • Scale-up Brand Revenue 10X+ within one year;
  • Personal Retail Brands largest Dossier DB.