Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Meir Haber, Biota Ltd. Founder & CEO, about Biota AlgiFilm™ technology and drug delivery through the oral mucosa using adhesive films (about the size of a small postage stamp)

Biota's proprietary AlgiFilm™ oral mucoadhesive filmstrips are versatile, exact and robust, simple-to-administer drug delivery system. The technology was developed by Biota Ltd. as one of the outcomes form the company multinational collaboration during the European Research Consortium studying algal bioadhesion. The technology is based on alginates, biopolymers extracted from algae, processed into filmstrips containing active ingredients, using a unique method, and used to administer the active ingredients through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream. Oral mucoadhesive filmstrips' patient-friendly drug delivery systems are especially required for treatment of children and the elderly population, as well as treatment of pain and disabling CNS diseases.