Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Andrey Elagin, CEO of SPC BioMicroGel about the unique Biomicrogels® that are utilized for environmentally-friendly detergents production and have various industrial applications from oil spills water to soils treatment. 

SPC BioMicroGel has designed the novel technology based on sub-micron organic particles, called Biomicrogels®. Utilizing thу Biomicrogels® technology, the company manufactures a comprehensive range of environmentally benign cleaning products, made from natural ingredients such as apples and sunflowers. The patented solution can become the basis of ‘new chemistry’ in many other industries. Beside eco-friendly detergents, Biomicrogels® can add a significant value to industrial wastewater treatment, oil spills water treatment, soils and hard surfaces treatment, cleaning of heat exchange equipment from organic and salt contaminants, and various other markets.