CloudCuddle develops a safe sleeping environment for physically and/or mentally impaired children. The company is spinoff of Delft University of Technology (TUDelft). The CloudCuddle team consists of Francesca Lucas and Lotte Leufkens. They started development during their minor Biomechanical Engineering and decided to continue their efforts after positive feedback from families that could use their product. After winning multiple competitions with their idea, developing full-size prototypes and a business plan around the product, they are now working hard to get the product to market.

According to Lotte Leufkens, she started CloudCuddle while studying mechanical engineering at the TU Delft. One day a father of a disabled son came to one of her engineering classes and explained the many problems he and his family face on a daily basis. Sleeping away from home was one of his biggest issues. He challenged to find a solution to this problem. That is why they invented the CloudCuddle. Several years later scientists launched CloudCuddle onto the Dutch market, in June 2017. CloudCuddle junior is a safe sleeping environment for disabled children. They cannot fall out of bed, nor can they escape from this bedtent or hurt themselves. The transparant mesh secures an open communication with others. The technique is derived from the kite-industry, thus CloudCuddle can stand a good deal. During daytime children also often like to take shelter in their CloudCuddle. Just to play undisturbed or together with someone else.

CloudCuddle is very easy to use. Firstly, need to attach it to mattress and bed. Then need to inflate the CloudCuddle. In only five minutes time can create a safe sleeping environment for your child. Every child is different. That is why scientists took detailed tests with 75 families. For most children, the current CloudCuddle is perfect. They won't fall out of bed, CloudCuddle sets children at rest, and they feel secure. CloudCuddle started testing their product in cooperation with families waiting for their solution in November 2016, receiving very positive feedback. The CloudCuddle was also tested for durability and ease of use. Delivery of the first CloudCuddles was expected early summer 2017.

Elderly lose mobility too and acquire mental handicaps. They tend to fall out of bed and need to be kept safe. That is why scientists will develop a CloudCuddle for this group: CloudCuddle senior.  This one could also suit larger children (> 50 kg, hyper mobile). Scientists aim to launch this design in 2019.