The breakthrough 100% textile, FEAM (Fiber Energy Absorbing Material) technology has been invented by the researchers at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMASSD). It can be used in sport and military helmets, sports protection padding and fabric armor vests for the military. The FEAM 100% textile construction differs radically from standard foams. FEAM is light, flexible, breathable and can be customized for fit, comfort and impact performance. FEAM is an energy absorbing material that will complement or replace currently used foams. This revolutionary material is made using a mature manufacturing process called flocking but in a new and innovative way. 

It operates similar to ‘spacer’ fabrics; providing a space with mostly air that is comfortable and breathable. Unlike spacer mesh, FEAM provides robust protection against blunt force impacts. FEAM’s energy absorbing characteristics resemble millions of tiny springs that deflect, reflect, shear and attenuate harmful impact energies. A multilayer approach could also handle a wide range of impact energies and mitigate rotational forces more effectively

Unlike other cushioning or impact foams, 100% textile FEAM:

Corsair’s TruAuxetic™ technology will help improve the fit and comfort of form-fitting apparel (e.g., sportswear, bodysuits, intimate apparel) by applying uniform pressure. The performance of almost any woven textile layer can be made more isotropic, thus decreasing the risk of wrinkling. When you pull Corsair's TruAuxetic textile in one dimension, the other dimension either does not shrink or even expands. This special material quality enables better fitting for athletic and other apparel and could even reduce residual stress in laminar composites when used for the reinforced fabric

When stretched in one direction, Corsair Innovation’s TruAuxetic™ textile materials can either expand or maintain the textile layer’s dimension in the orthogonal (90 degree) planar direction. This feature makes the TruAuxetic™ textile layer an Auxetic fabric (with a zero or negative Poisson's ratio). TruAuxetic™ is a cost-effective way to create truly auxetic knit structures from readily available filaments by applying geometrically engineered structures and novel design configurations. Corsair Innovation’s TruAuxetic™ fabric layer will conform to complex contours and wrinkle less because it fits better. The precise material can be tailored to achieve desired performance