Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Daniel Tonkopiy, CEO DelFast, about his unique electric bike that runs 380 km without recharging and makes possible one-hour delivery 

DelFast e-bike is meant for those who need to ride a bike for long-distance trips both urban areas and outside of the cities. It easy and comfortably covers around 380 kilometers on a single charge. The environmentally-friendly e-bike that reduces emissions is equipped with the US-made 3000-cycle battery with energy recuperation. The e-bike computer displays charge level and other useful information. It does not fade in the sun and is visible under all weather conditions, daylight and night time. The additional technical features include GPS tracking, mobile app, signaling, immobilizer, remote start and much more, which ensure bike safety. Daniel Tonkopiy, the CEO and inventor of DelFast electric bike has collected the best practices and unique experience by constantly exploring, analyzing and modifying the design. Now it allows experiencing all the advantages of the modern electriс bike which even can compete with an electric car. Having partnered with more than 700 internet retail stores in Ukraine and sold franchises in Poland and Kazakhstan, DelFast daily manages hundreds of deliveries by use of electric bikes.