Outhouse Jewellery: a fancy exotic, unique and luxurious fashion jewellery


Portable espresso machine


Meduse - innovative LED shisha

Theft-resistant drawstring backpack

The Flak Sack by the LOCTOTE™ Industrial Bag Co. is the toughest worry-free drawstring bag. The New Albany, Ohio company invented a super-practical theft-proof bag that gives people confidence that their stuff is safe while working, playing, travelling or just relaxing during vacation. The unique technology behind the manufacturing of fabrics gives the bag cut-resistant properties. It gives necessary protection to valuables that are of top importance. It is able to securely fix to a stationary object so the stuff couldn’t be stolen. First one-of-a-kind super proof bag is simultaneously durable and soft. The bag is highly functional. RFID-blocking system protects personal data from scanning. UV-resistant technology keeps the bag from discolouring. Counting all super qualities, the backpack by LOCTOTE™ has a very minimalistic design that makes it attractive and fashionable for a sportsman, travellers and all who likes active way of living without getting into trouble with stealing their stuff during trip or vacation.


Curvy Kate: D+ Bras & Swimwear for a Feel-Good Figure

Curvy Kate is a lingerie brand specialising in D - K cup Bras and Swimwear. They are currently based in Harrow. Curvy Kate lingerie is designed for the curvy woman and for small back sizes through to plus size bras with back bands from a 28" - 44". They officially launched in July 2009 at the Harrogate Lingerie Show. Curvy Kate does not use professional models. They instead run an annual modelling competition called 'Star In A Bra' to look for customer role models with a D+ cup size. Their stance for using real-sized models and ethnic models has been warmly received by the lingerie industry. Since 2008 the winners have been: Emma Tabor (2008), Lauren Colfer (2009), Laura Ann Smith (2010), Lizzie Haines (2011), Sophie Morgan (2012), Lotte Williams (2013) and Sophia Adams (2015). In November 2015, Curvy Kate announced the launch of their new brand Scantilly in DD - HH cup sizes.


Geizeer: Tiny Eco-Friendly Air Cooler

Geizeer is an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning, born out of a desire to make working and home spaces more comfortable. This modern and portable ice cooling device with ventilation grid is equipped with a reusable cooling element, featuring a concave part inside for scented essences, and a battery that is rechargeable via micro-USB cable. The basic form of the Geizeer in natural wood makes it a chic-design addition to a living room, bedroom or office space.


Eternal notebook and eternal pencil that could be used endlessly


A non-invasive form of DVT therapy VETAfit




Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Lin, the Founder of SYLPH, about SYLPH that us the World's First Portable intelligent hair dryer.

SYLPH is the first portable, powerful, small sized hair dryer with heat control, stepless control. It also has magnetic diffusor and nozzle. It gives hair protection, and has 10 years of warranty, provides with Ions and has heat control.


Professional detangling brush

Tangle Teezer is an absolute hit among brushes for hair. It provides easy and quick combing as dry and wet hair. A revolutionary approach to technology, materials and stylish design made Tangle Teezer a global hit in the world of hair care. It is the winner of over 25 professional and consumer awards. Today Tangle Teezer is a bestseller hair brush. Every minute 8 Tangle Teezers are sold worldwide. Brand offers a wide range of designs and variations of colours. It has great ergonomic design that comfortably fits in your hand. Tangle Teezer is super compact, you can bring it anywhere. Due to the small size you’ll find a place for it in every bag. Tangle Teezer brush is a must have in your beauty arsenal. The exclusive combination of effective properties and the original design and versatility of use for all hair types, makes Tangle Teezer a great product at an affordable price.


Self-filling water bottle

Fontus is a ‘self-filling water bottle’ that uses a breakthrough technology to turn humid air into portable water. It was invented by Austria’s industrial designer Kristof Retezár from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The patent pending device can extract the humidity from the air anywhere place on Earth. The award-winning technology uses the condensational principle to extract humidity in the air, condense it, and store it as safe drinking water. FONTUS solar-powered device can produce 0,5 liters of water in an hour. It was designed for people who like journeys. Whether hiking, biking or climbing they will stay with the crucially important portable self-filling water storage during long way trip. It may help solving the global water issues in the areas of the world with very poor groundwater.


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