Unique, cloud-based artificial intelligence that goes beyond data aggregation and transforms dynamic, medical information and real-time patient data into actionable insulin treatment insights has been developed by Israeli spinoff company, DreaMed Diabetes. Each diabetes (lat. Diabetes Mellitus) patient’s responses to dosage changes, day-to-day activities, and personal case history are unique. Effective insulin treatment decisions require a comprehensive understanding of each of these factors, as well as their interplay and relative impact. The DreaMed Diabetes medical team and developers created a unique and innovative solution to this complex challenge: MD Logic.

This cognitive technology uses fuzzy logic and adaptive learning algorithms to emulate the way expert endocrinologists actually evaluate their patients, progressively refining their understanding of each case based on accumulated information - but with faster analysis of digital biomarkers and deeper insights. For maximum accuracy and the most complete picture, MD Logic analyzes all available real-world data on insulin dosing and blood glucose (sensor readings, fingerstick measurements, meal or carb intake data), as well as patient reporting.

It begins with Advisor seamlessly integrating with existing data sources, tapping into the third-party diabetes management systems that send their data to the cloud, providing Advisor with all available information for analysis. This includes sources like glucose readings (sensor readings or fingerstick blood glucose measurements), insulin dosing records, and meal carb intake data - all collected as part of a daily management routine. But the collection is only the beginning of what Advisor does. Using a proprietary algorithm, Advisor combines breakthrough event-driven machine learning and adaptive technology to continuously learn and get to know each individual - their unique habits, need, and specific glucose data.

The result of this transformative process is an unprecedented decision-making guidance, as Advisor automatically adjusts its insulin treatment and behavior modification recommendations on a personal and individual basis. Working as a healthcare provider’s 'expert partner', Advisor offers unique insight and direction consistently, quickly and on-demand.

Advisor partners with your healthcare provider, turning complex information into actionable insights, for better treatment outcomes.

For healthcare providers, Advisor becomes another expert on your team, providing unique insights tirelessly.