The world’s most expensive customized 2 ct. diamond pavé in-ear monitors (IEMs) where recently tailored by the German audio jewellery manufacturer AURUM.AUDIO GmbH & Co. The diamonds sparkle on a smooth surface of handcrafted IEMs coated with white, yellow, rose champagne gold and platinum of 14-24 ct. The deep tech precious IEMs are hand-crafted precisely for each client in own jewellery factory in Nuremberg, combing high German standards, high-quality materials and latest nano-technological solutions. The company has got an official license and for a long time professionally engaged in manufacturing of hearing protection devices, that allows applying this knowledge in the development of customized IEMs. This makes AURUM.AUDIO unique in the global market of earphones. AURUM.AUDIO is a pioneer in customized IEMs from precious metals and the first one who launched IEMs jewellery line dedicated to true connoisseurs of music, the best global DJs and those who want to combine deep tech solution with the high-quality jewel. In addition to the precious line, the company also creates more affordable versions in a large colour palette and from different kinds of materials for music lovers and audiophiles who want to get their own IEMs in unrepeatable design.


The company AURUM.AUDIO GmbH & Co. is a producer of 100% made in Germany customized IEMs from precious metals and the most expensive golden IEMs with diamond pavé. AURUM.AUDIO was established in 2018 with the aim of introducing the innovations that were extremely necessary for the earphone industry. It was decided to create a company with a completely new format that is aimed embody the ideas into new technologies. Combining many years of experience with the latest technologies and designs, the company develops and manufactures durable customised in-ear monitors specifically for professional musicians and audiophiles. Thanks to the advanced technologies that the company uses, such as Tubeless Driver Base Holder, Individual Fitted Acoustic Mass and Aurum Custom Designed Cable the company has created a new era of in-ear monitors while maintaining low sound pressure level distortion due to the dynamic sound quality and size that is required by the market. The culture of ethics and honesty defines AURUM.AUDIO as a company.

From the very beginning, the company was focused purely on R&D of many hearing protection products, taking it as a core and has made a number of new products which previously did not exist. The company recruits only virtuous and talented people that are successfully involved in R&D of new projects. Thanks to constant extensive collaboration with high-level well-known companies in audio technology and jewellery craftsmanship in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Russia, AURUM.AUDIO manages to create unique tailored products that are one of a kind in the entire world. This allows supplying the best custom-made IEMs audio and jewellery products to more than 20 countries.



Headphones are speakers attached to the headband. They are often equipped with serious noise-cancelling properties that improve listening quality while eliminating ambient sound. Headphones can be placed either above or around the user's ears. Due to their size, more powerful drivers can be placed in the headphones, which, as a rule, go beyond the headphones, primarily in the low-frequency region. But thanks to new technologies, driver sizes are significantly reduced every year. The bulkiness of this category reduces mobility to the wearer and can interfere with high physical activity.


This is an open type of earphones that is similar in size to IEMs, but is not located inside the ear canal. Instead, they are held in place by the external structures of the ear, primarily the conch. Some models have additional wings and support structures that help hold them. Apple AirPods is a bright example of such of kind earbuds. Because they do not seal the ear, the earbuds provide much greater surround sound. This is far from ideal for professionals and audiophiles. This type of headphone is more suitable for those who listen to music while physical activity, to have additional awareness of their surroundings, which can be an important safety feature. This is usually the least expensive option, but also the lowest quality.


While the technical innovations in earphones continue to improve their quality and versatility, in-ear monitors or IEMs, are quickly gaining popularity in the music industry. Similar to headphones, they also seal the ear to eliminate ambient noise preserving bass. Instead of sealing off the entire ear, IEMs have a component that extends into the ear canal. In universal IEMs this extension is often fitted with foam or silicone cushions for retention and comfort.


Contrary to universal IEMs, customized ones have an individual fit and are molded to the user's ear canal and inside of the ear, sealing it. In this case, customised IEMs are tailored according to wearer ear impressions using recent innovations such as 3D-printing and precisely repeat the shape of the auricle and canal of the wearer. Depending on the technology used inside the monitor, the sound quality can be very high. The carrier will hear music as well as himself. This option is ideal for professionals and audiophiles, those who constantly use monitors for their professional activity. In addition, such monitors, along with the fact that they are individually designed, can be completely unique in an exclusive style made of various materials, materials on request, arrival one-of-a-kind, unique cannot be individuality and style musician style convey individual musician style I already like it, I already work here.


Since technology does not stand still, in any case, new models of high-quality in-ear monitors or IEMs are far ahead and already surpassed even high-quality headphones or earbuds. But even when choosing earphones from a large number of different types of personal hearing aids and in-ear headphones, sound quality and ear health are always crucial. Even if the monitors themselves are excellent, the sound will suffer if the tab is weak. Therefore, it is very important to be able to get earphones made under wearer's ear and filled with the latest technologies that preserve the health of the ear despite the high sound quality.


AURUM.AUDIO has created unique high-end IEMs tailored to each individual experience that maximize the sound insulation and enhance the low-frequency response when comfortably wearing. AURUM.AUDIO monitors are carefully adjusted by several top sound engineers and musicians in the music section. They feature wide frequency response, small stain, crisp, clear quality and abundant sound detail. Moreover, they have accurate sound field positioning without losing the sense of encirclement with minor modification. The monitors have an innate excellent transient response for balanced armature, attaching equal importance to both quantum sense and descending. They thoroughly explain the rich emotion of music. Novel technologies combined with tailore design make then number one in the world market.

TDBH - Tubeless Driver Base Holder

All AURUM.AUDIO monitors include such technologies as 3D printed chambers that provide acoustic tuning without compression. Ditching a traditional tube and filter design, TDBH tech claims to allow an expansive treble and superior clarity.

IFAM - Individual Fitted Acoustic Mass

This tubeless technology that creates perfect sounds without bias, allowing wearer always perfectly hear other musicians on stage. This technology helps to provide an incredible pleasure for audiophiles from the presence, allowing the music always be around.

ACDC - Aurum Custom Designed Cable

The cable is built from own Silver Plated Copper Litz wire conductors and AURUM.AUDIO’s popular tangle-resistant twisted cable weave. A new light-weight moulded ear-hook design replaces the memory wire. The result is a lightweight cable that is a pleasure to use every day and a new rotating connector extends cable service for years.


AURUM.AUDIO has a wide range of completely new high-end products incorporated with the recent IFAM-, TDBH- and ACDC-Technology. Each pair of In-Ear Monitors are unique hand-built creation based on custom ear molds. There are currently one universal model and two lines of tailored IEMs such as Jewellery Line and Pro Line.


The company offers optional customized design and material for in-ear monitors, that allow the customer to choose the most suitable product made of biocompatible, hypoallergenic 3D-acrylic and speciality handcrafted designer faceplates. The unique colors of PRO LINE IEMs and different materials will make it possible to feel the unique individual approach. At the moment, there are such variations of colors as Rainbow-Green Honeycombs, Strawberry Touch, Color Mood, Orange Honeycombs, Green Marble, Snake Skin, Blue Butterfly, Caramel Marble, Red Honeycomb, Raspberry Wood.


Bespoke in-ear monitors for musicians, sound professionals, and music lovers, however, which can be used on stage, in the studio, or on the go, blocking out ambient noise to allow for lower listening levels. The X2PRO dual drivers bring the AURUM.AUDIO custom sound down to a far more affordable plateau. Accurate response with solid representation from sub-bass to the highest frequencies. Strong passive sound isolation. Multiple designs, cable, and case options.


The X3PRO loads in three balanced armature drivers – low, mid and high – all handled by a three-way crossover. Sound fires into the ear via TDBH-Acoustic Chamber this spills frequencies to the best-matched sound. With IFA-Technology there’s no need to crank the volume quite so hard. The X3PRO 132db sensitivity helps too. With our X3Pro providing no tunes, satisfactory listening levels you will have at 25-30%, depending on the recording.


The X4PRO in-ear monitors are among the best money can buy, especially for bass players. The advantages of an in-ear monitoring system are enormous. The impact on the clarity is phenomenal. 4 perfectly matched BA-Drivers fitting all frequencies to the best worm sound with deep bass. A 4-way crossover ensures that each driver is receiving its optimal region of the frequency spectrum. X4PRO in-ears allow each band member to tailor their mix as they see fit and deliver it to their ears at a comfortable volume.


The X5PRO with 5 BA-drivers and 5-Way crossover, much like other AURUM.AUDIO custom models are offered in a wide variety of looks. On tracks with intense sub-bass content, the earphones deliver powerful deep lows, but despite their subwoofer-like capabilities, they don't exaggerate the low-frequency thump and push the bass too far forward in the mix, as they easily could. The thumping lows here sound powerful because the track is mixed that way, and the X5PRO also dutifully deliver clear, pristine highs that provide clarity and balance in the mix. The X3 PRO will not disappoint, it will provide you with an exceptionally accurate audio experience, due to a frequency response for professionals, whether in the studio or on the stage.


The harmonious combination of 6 BA- drivers and 4-way crossover sounding in a simultaneously way powerful and precise. Having the sound of X6Pro almost anytime and anywhere makes them one of the most gratifying experiences you’ve had. Clean, smooth delivery that takes advantage of practically every ounce of that soundstage to deliver a wonderfully dynamic and engaging presentation, very coherent and believable. Combination of massive staging, detailed vocal presence, and a relatively linear audiophile presentation is the icing on the cake. 


Warm, lush and intimate. An incredible level of detail, perfect overtones of warmth and an overall wonderfully natural presentation.  The X7Pro with 5BA-driver and 5way crossover is the type of in-ear monitors that will play well with every single genre but be aware they will rip poor bitrates and badly mastered tracks to shreds. Fantastically fun to listen to and the details are all there in a very spacious setting. The X7PRO punches way above its numbers in terms of delivery and tonal excellence.


Warm, lush and powerful. An incredible level of detail, perfect overtones of warmth and an overall wonderfully natural presentation. The X9UA with 5BA-driver and 5way crossover or 7BA-driver and 6way crossover with activated woofer is the type of in-ear monitors that will play well with every single genre but be aware they will rip poor bitrates and badly mastered tracks to shreds. Fantastically fun to listen to and the details are all there, in a very spacious setting. The X9UA punches way above its numbers in terms of delivery and tonal excellence.

Technical specifications:




Solid Jewellery In-ear could be made in different variations of precious metals as well as crowned with diamond pavé. It feels a tiny bit heavier than Acrylic since of precious metals coating. It would not be a surprise that all of the BA-drivers are ideally matched with Crossover to create a real perfection. The JEWELLERY LINE has been adjusted by several top sound engineers using our IFA- and TDBH-Technologies with the features of wide frequency response. No tubes or plastic, just solid Acoustic chambers made of Platinum. It’s a first IEM worldwide that let audiophile’s dreams come true. This line has a possibility of customization, inlay of diamonds, the choice of colour and metal of the body. All IEMs in the line handcrafted and sound in German quality.


Solid Jewellery In-ear that you feel in the hand, it also feels a tiny bit heavier than Acrylic. Given that it was made of precious metal and your wishes. It would not be a surprise that all of 5BA-drivers are ideally matched with 5Way-Crossover to create a real perfection.  No tubes or plastic, just solid Acoustic chambers made of Gold, Rose Champagne Gold, Silver or Platinum.


A hotter version of X7J with 7BA-Driver and 5Way-Crossover. It delivers you the best bass in the World with 4 LOW. In-ear made of precious metal. You can choose between 18K Gold, 24K gold, 24K Silver, Platinum and always have the best sound to hear your favourite beats. The X9J was created for all fans of electronic music and loud, surrounding bass. No unwanted resonant interference or distortion, just music. Sound placed in noble metal and the possibility of any customization will not disappoint even the most sophisticated audiophile. The favourite is X9J - diamond sound in solid 24K gold housing.