Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mrs. Ekaterina Bereziy - co-founder and head of business development and Mrs. Elena Pismennaia - project manager of ExoAtlet company 

ExoAtlet company is developing exoskeletons allowing people with muscle-skeleton disorders to move freely and enjoy life. ExoAtlet is a medical exoskeleton designed for the rehabilitation of patients with locomotive impairments to their lower limbs sustained as the result of an accident, an operation or illness of the locomotive system or nervous system. ExoAtlet is a motor-operated skeleton fixed on a body helping to walk, sit and rise up independently. For those who have been recently injured and partially have lost the sensitivity of legs it is the way to completely restore the motion functions, and for the disabled in a wheelchair it is an opportunity to visit earlier inaccessible places and an effective means of rehabilitation: usual walking significantly improves health indicators and brings back the feeling of freedom and happiness.