Scientists had created a special device GIVE ME FIVE for the restoration of motor capabilities of hands in patients who had a stroke (lat. Apoplexia). This novel technology is based on the converting electromyography (EMG) signals of muscles into electrical signals, which provide gloves operations. This device is portable and low-cost, which allows patients to use it anytime and anywhere.

Tsz To Lee, Ho Ka Yu from the Hang Seng Management College and Iam Wai Yin, Au Chun Ki Franklin from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have created the GIVE ME FIVE device, which is a combination of different advanced technologies, which provides the hand movements using the technology of transforming EMG signals of muscles into electrical signals. A continuous body motion can cause the muscles and brain neurones to regenerate and recover original functions.

The stroke is an acute cerebrovascular disorder, which causes damage to brain tissues and violation of its functions. The stroke has several types such as cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke), brain haemorrhage and subarachnoid haemorrhage with etiopathogenetic and clinical differences. This is one of the most widespread medical causes of disability, which is characterized by partial or complete paralysis of the body or extremities.

To recover the hand's  functions, the most common treatment is a physiotherapy that has many difficulties. To stroke patients and their families, the cost of treatment and long travel distances to hospitals are crucial issues that cause discontent. The current medical recovering tools such as metallic robotic hand, which can provide the recovering without physiotherapist participation, nevertheless, due to its high price and extreme weight patients don't buy it.

The innovative technology transforms weak electromyography signals, which are produced from deep muscles, into electric signals in the EMG amplifier. These signals are used to control the amount of air, which are provided by the mini electric pump, into the artificial muscle gloves and exercise a rising force on each finger. Therefore, patients’ hands can open more easily with the assistance of gloves. Furthermore, a continuous body motion can cause the regenerations of muscles and brain neurones and recover original functions.

The uniqueness of this device is its portability, small weight and a relatively small price, in comparison with other similar portable medical devices. As a result, it allows the rehabilitation training at home or anywhere, without the physiotherapist's supervision and at any time.