Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Richard Browning, British Inventor, Founder of Gravity Industries & Chief Test Pilot of Gravity Flight Suit about human propulsion technology 

Founded by Richard Browning in March 2017, Gravity Industries has invented, built and filed patents for a human propulsion technology that re-imagines manned flight. The one-of-a-kind patent-pending technology, powering the worlds first human propulsion flight, combines body mounted miniaturised jet-engines with a specially designed exoskeleton allowing vertical takeoff and flight. The new generation of human flight systems will be applied not only for entertainment goals but also have a huge variety of possible commercial and even military applications such as search, rescue and delivery of medicines to remote or inaccessible places. The 'Daedalus' Gravity Flight Suit is companies' first jet-engine that aims to pioneer an entirely new category in aviation history.