Grishko Ltd. is a privately held manufacturer that provides most elegant and camera-friendly dance shoes, wear and accessories. The company was founded in 1989 by Nikolai Grishko in Moscow, Russia. Currently, all Grishko® products pass the highest level of quality control in accordance with international standards. Grishko® has been the brand of choice for top Ballet stars for many years and they often talk about the products when interviewed. It carefully preserves the traditions of artisanship in the making of pointe shoes: the master shoemaker always put their heart into their creation. Following fashion trends, the company's designers launch clothing collections several times a year all with the Grishko® style. In addition, this sophisticated brand cares greatly about customer's health, that is why it uses only eco-friendly materials in productions.

For more than a quarter of a century, artists from many different styles of dance, from classical ballet to hip-hop, have been spared from spending a lot of time searching for products that will provide them with a full range of professional dancewear and shoes. The Grishko® Company is such a unique supplier of these products.

Since 1989 the company is headed by its Founder and President Mr.Nikolay Grishko. A former diplomat with extensive international experience, he turned a small business into a prospering industrial complex, currently consisting of four factories in Moscow and one in Macedonia. The Artists that are performing in so many different dance styles will be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of the assortment of products produced by these factories. There are all the dancewear and shoes for classical and modern ballet, folk-characteristic and jazz dances, for ballroom dances and flamenco, and also for step, hip -hope, stage, gymnastics and even for the circus.

The company provides to the dance audience not only an exhaustive list of stage clothes and shoes but also everything customers need to prepare for a performance, which, occupies a large part of the life of artists and sportsmen. Grishko produces rehearsal wear, warm-ups, T-shirts, clothing with a sauna effect, unitards, leotards, and bandages. In addition, Grishko® offers all necessary accessories for all forms of dance, which will complete the formation of the actor`s stage image. 

Besides the above, the Grishko® brand is also known for its fashion collections intended for a wider audience including young people who participate in various sports, yoga and who lead an active lifestyle. Currently, the Grishko® product range has more than a thousand items.

The company's trademark is very popular in more than 70 countries and Grishko® shops are open in many world capitals selling only Grishko products. Furthermore, Grishko is able to efficiently produce in both batch and individual production.

Why are dancers choosing Grishko®? Because Grishko® is:

In addition, Grishko is constantly striving to improve the technologies it applies to products and lead the industry in introducing new developments.