After over three years of research and product development, Hydra-Light presented the first product - its new saltwater EnergyCell technology. In mid-February a salt lamp Hydra-Light PL-500 was exposed on the Crowdfunding project. This light source is powered by salt water. It does not require batteries and can charge smartphones. In total, on one fuel element, it provides a light coverage as long as about 85 standard AA batteries do.

According to the Agency for Environmental Protection, each year Americans throw away more than three billion batteries. This is about 180 000 tons of batteries, most of which, 86000 tons, are disposable alkaline batteries. Placing them one after the other, you can circle the globe in at least six times.

Thus, there appeared an idea to create a lantern, which would be compact, safe and environmentally friendly, with an extended time of use. This reduces operating costs compared to conventional batteries. It's possible due to long-term storage of fuel cells - at least a quarter of century, while conventional and rechargeable batteries lose their properties quite quickly.

This product is intended for camping and used as an emergency light source.

In addition, the salt lamp as a portable emergency travel USB charger is more attractive than all kinds of wind and kinetic portable generators and solar panels. To make it work you must provide an anode with salt water, which can be produced by using the common salt or sea water.

Model PL-500 (an abbreviation of Personal Lantern) is equipped with 16 LEDs and a USB output to charge compatible devices - smartphones, tablets, navigation devices, digital cameras, etc. It is supplied with external accessory with 3 LEDs and a cable with a 2.5 mm output for an additional lighting on the removal of up to 9 meters.

The operability of the lamp provides the Power Rod anode with a high energy density and a cathode in the form of a carbon film. When exposed to salt water Power Rod begins to oxidize, releasing an electric current. According to the developers, one such inexpensive rod provides more than 250 hours of work to the point where it needs to be replaced.

Hydra-Light is the company that created the Energy Cell.  PL-500 is their first product. Behind the scenes at the retail industry level, Hydra-Light has major distributors in the UK, Germany, France, Australia, China and the USA that are ready to distribute the Energy Cell products commencing after the Kickstarter campaign is complete.

After running a campaign on Kickstarter gadget cost will be $48. A startup took place at February 18th this year. The time of the launch of the model Hydra-Light PL-500 is approximately July 2016. Many people all over the world support this project on Kickstarter and are much interested in this technology. On March’18, 2016 the end of an amazing 154%+ campaign was announced by the developers.