The inventor from Australia has created a special infusion pump that can be used with ambulatory chemotherapy treatment in everyday life. This innovational device has the ability to decrease the stress and improve the daily activities of patients that have cancer (lat. Carcinoma).

The well-known fact that cancer treatment involves chemotherapy, which greatly affects the patient's physical condition and has certain side effects. To predict side effects of this kinds of treatment is very difficult and it is not possible to eliminate them. This is nausea, vomiting, headache, allergic reactions, may interfere with the function of the gastrointestinal tract, inhibition of hematopoiesis, liver function disorders, neurological disorders, etc. Despite the fact, that it affects the normal functioning of various systems of the body, it also leads to the fact that the patient practically cannot perform daily work such as taking a shower, shopping. Such side effects lead to the physical and psychological discomfort.

The inventor William Mason from the Queensland University of Technology has invented the Activ Infusion Pump. The device is concealed under the clothes and worn close to the body. The most important fact of this device is that it provides for patients to carry on with their daily activity in comfortable conditions.

This invention is a single-term or long-term device that includes one channel elastomeric infusion pump. It was created especially for use with ambulatory chemotherapy treatment. The dissolvent and medication are loaded into the pump using a syringe.

The pump has just one port that is used to stow and outflow the medication, decreasing the risk of mistake. This innovational device is placed in the Activ Carry Bag, which can be worn over or under the clothes, hiding the pump. Furthermore, the bag installs via a suction cup or can hang in the shower, modifying to the patient's needs. The shower bag includes a neoprene mesh that has a form of 3-point star providing a a rotational motion deformation because when patient moves.

This device is unique due to its functions and characteristics, as it can be not only hidden under clothing but also to support the patient during the day without interrupting the daily work. The invention allows the user to adapt as much as possible while reducing physical and psychological discomfort. Furthermore, it can be widely used as many medical procedures now occur in ambulatory settings.