Scientists transplanted rat the liver tissue printed on a 3D printer, which gives the opportunity to transplant printed tissue to the human organism in the future. Japanese scientists from Kyushu University transplanted bio transplantation liver tissue to the rat. The breakthrough can be a fundamental step in the researching and development of the 3D bioprinting.

Well-known fact that people, which have the terminal stage of the liver disease need a transplantation of the liver, but donors organs are limited. Consequently, that the transplantation of 3D bioprinting liver tissue was proposed as a new real alternative to orthotopic transplantation of liver diseases.

The results of this tremendous scientific experiment that have been recently published in Scientific Reports journal and showed that scientists were able to successfully implant printed liver tissue in the liver of the rat. Therefore, the cell-based therapy can be a practicable alternative to orthotopic transplantation for treating of liver disease. This means that doctors can replace just damaged areas simple by typing them instead of transplanting the whole organ.

The system for fixing the shape of 3D tissue that uses the needle-array system made it possible to produce the complex geometry and the immediate realization of culture circulation after 3D printing. The method is a special way of merging many liver bud-like spheroids using a 3D bioprinter.

According to the research, this innovatory method has two advantages: first, it does not injure the blood (lat. Sanguis) vessels, and the second one is that due to the direct connection between the transplant and the liver provides the successful growth of new tissue.

The uniqueness of this method is that the cells are grown inside a living organism. This method is called in vivo. In additions, it allows avoiding ischemic reactions and increases the chances of a successful recovery after surgery. Seven days after transplant, the new tissue completely united. The most important issue of this method is the possibility to transplant printed tissue to the human organism in the future.

Cell therapy has been proposed as an alternative to orthotopic liver transplantation. The innovative way of vivo transplantation of the liver may have the potential of Transplantation Medicine.