Luminette is a wearable light therapy device that will help you effectively fight winter blues and sleep disorders, in order to regain energy and vitality. It is ideal if you wish to stay active during your session, is effective from 20 minutes of daily use, and is suitable for people wearing glasses or lenses. Luminette is nomadic. It is equipped with folding side arms (it is as compact as eyeglasses), it will adapt perfectly to your daily business. Supplied with a rechargeable battery and a micro USB standard cable. Its light scattering system is designed to stimulate the photoreceptors located at the bottom of the retina while minimizing glare. According to an independent study, the Luminette is as effective as a 10,000 lux lamp. 

Developed after 4 years of academic research, the Luminette is a medical device classified as safe according to the IEC 62471 standard. It has a light spectrum completely devoid of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation. In addition, it has convinced more than 20,000 users. The light emitted by 8 emitting diodes (LEDs), is sent to a holographic visor which in turn concentrates it towards a particularly rich area for photoreceptors, the lower part of the retina; this is true whichever direction you're looking at and the position of the head.

The inventors recommend using the Luminette once a day at wake-up. One session lasts from 20 to 45 minutes (depending on the light intensity you choose). The ‘boosting’ effect of the Luminette is almost immediate. However, it will take 4-7 days before noticing long-term results on mood and sleep cycles.

Light therapy is proven to be beneficial only if used consistently and regularly. Luminette is worn like a pair of glasses it allows you to carry on with your everyday tasks, and fit into your daily routine whilst ensuring you get the maximum benefit.  Luminette is classified as a device that is safe for the eyes in accordance with the international standard CEI 62471. In addition, the light emitted by Luminette is free from both UV and infrared rays and exclude the so-called ‘at-risk’ wavelengths of the blue portion of light (between 400 and 450 nm).

The LUMINETTE® is not suitable for children younger than 12 years old as the crystalline lens has not yet matured. It does not yet filter light rays in the same way that it does on adults. The result is a sensitivity to light that is too great. The effect on the biological clock is less quick but may be considered completed after 3 weeks of daily use. In fact, the scientists have estimated that it takes three weeks to reset our internal clock in step with the geological clock which becomes evident when the symptoms arising from this desynchronization disappear. The side effects are rare and most often of a passing nature. It may be slight excitement, headache, nausea and a feeling of ocular tension.