Derma Lotana skincare line is tailored to individual skin tolerance


Curativa Bay Proprietary Organic Skincare - The Cure for What Ages You


The aesthetic taste spray from Dr Weiler curbs the sweet tooth

Evidence-based skincare line

BIOPEPTIX – is a unique series of innovative cosmetic products developed by Israeli company Aviv Cosmetics and produced in the USA. The line contains active ingredients, based on the latest research findings in dermatology - biopeptides, growth factors and anti-glycation agents. At the same time Biopeptix includes plant extracts, fruit acids in therapeutic concentration and natural fruit puree. Combination of scientific research and natural ingredients made this line a real breakthrough in cosmetology, offering patients best of the two worlds. 

71 days ago

Nanotechnological skincare

Forlle'd is an elite cosmetics collection from Japan. Forlle’d laboratory designed a globally patented manufacturing process to develop low molecular substances. The technology is based on the discoveries of Nobel Prize winner Koichi Tanaka. Founded in 2004, Forlle’d become a pioneer in developing and producing low molecular substances which are able to cross skin barrier and regenerate skin at dermal level.

78 days ago

Best SPA skincare brand

NIANCE – is a premium anti-ageing skincare line from Switzerland, developed and marketed by Swiss Mountain Cosmetics GmBh. As a genuine Swiss brand, NIANCE provides highly effective skincare solutions, excellent purification and rejuvenation of the skin. Owing to the latest research findings in dermatology and rare plants from the Swiss Alps, scientists in NIANCE laboratories managed to create a multi-anti-aging skincare line, capable to rejuvenate the skin on all its 3 levels. 


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