Meoline Oy, a University of Oulu-based spinoff (UniOulu), develops a technology that can measure metal concentrations of waters. Meoline MEO+ heavy metals analyzer using traditional electrochemical analysis to measure real-time heavy metal concentrations from industrial discharge waters in ppb levels. The company has developed the system in collaboration with industrial customers. Meoline Oy has new innovations in maintenance and reliability. The analyzer is specially tailored to work reliable in harsh and remote locations. Measurement can be also arranged to locations without electricity by utilizing solar panels and battery technology.

Heavy metals have a significant impact on human health. According to the World Health Organization, the heavy metals cadmium, lead and mercury are common air pollutants, being emitted mainly as a result of various industrial activities. Although the atmospheric levels are low, they contribute to the deposition and build-up in soils. Heavy metals are persistent in the environment and are subject to bioaccumulation in food-chains.

Therefore, Meoline developed a system, which measures real-time heavy metal concentrations in water. The spinoff claims that real-time monitoring is the best way towards optimized process control.

Chemical usage can be done faster and the consumption can be optimized with real-time data and not by manual sampling and traditional laboratory analysis. Importantly, incidents occur and can cost a lot of money and may lead to environmental problems. Currently, the monitoring can be done automatically by real-time measurements even in harsh and remote locations. Early warning system alerts 24/7 automatically if limit values are exceeded. There is no need anymore up to 3 days delays.

Furthermore, Meoline delivered two metal monitoring stations to Chile, Agricultural Research Institute, Regional Research Center Intihuasi, INIA. In addition, monitoring stations are measuring in remote locations utilizing solar panels and batteries.