Mymuesli’s Muesli Mixer is a unique muesli mixing technology that offers 566 quadrillion variations of cereal breakfast from 80 natural ingredients. All ingredients are coming from certified organic producers worldwide. Together with natural oat and wheat base, there is also a wide selection of nuts, seeds, fruits and extras. With the German brand, it became possible to mix and order the tailor-made organic muesli in the individually designed tube online. The customer may also choose one of the ready-made creations. Alongside with private customers' model, the brand has developed special corporate and gift propositions as well as muesli for kids. Mymuesli rapid growth makes the brand the key player at the German breakfast cereal market. Today the bio-food product is available worldwide namely at Austrian, Netherland, Swiss, UK and Swedish markets.


Muesli was invented more than 100 years ago by a Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner. However, his original idea was mainly about eating a balanced diet than tasting good. Among other things, Bircher wanted to replace breast milk – because muesli is “very similar in terms of protein, fat, and carbohydrates”.

According to legend, Bircher-Benner was on a hike in the mountains when he tried something similar to muesli for the first time in an Alpine dairy. This gave birth to the “apple dietary meal” he created for his patients who needed a healthy diet. After a few years, dish gained a name “muesli” or “Bircher Muesli”.

Nowadays, muesli is known worldwide, and it has become a common cereal breakfast in everyday life worldwide. The market constantly continues to grow, particularly in those regions where a bowl of muesli on the breakfast table is not an ordinary case, like Kenya or Iran.


Mymuesli was founded in 2007 by Hubertus Bessau, Philipp Kraiss and Max Wittrock. This is a German brand of breakfast cereals headquartered in Passau, Germany. The company produces and distributes individual organic muesli via the Internet. It got the name  "Mymuesli" because the customers can create their own mix of cereals breakfast “muesli”. Users can choose from various combinations and the proportion of cereal.

The story of Mymuesli begins back in the summer of 2005. Three students from Passau, a city near Munich in Germany, were on their way to the lake and listening to a famous radio commercial from a big cereals producer. They didn't like the advertisement and they also thought they could make the better muesli. Then the idea was born to offer customized “muesli” with the opportunity to choose favorite ingredients by the customers and mix by their own. 

Muesli was an ideal customization product because of its different ingredients and combination options. It supposed to be organic without added flavors or colours, and sugar-free. Most important in the idea was to make original muesli individually customizable. Some people like fruits in their cereals, other are more into wheat instead of corn, some prefer chocolate in there. So the idea to offer a “breakfast 2.0” was born. Using the global trend of mass customization and the customer need of multiple options, the inventors decided to distribute customized muesli ordered and chosen on the Internet.

Until recently the Internet users did not have good, customizable online options for their breakfast. It was a perfect time to start the campaign because that time in Europe and Germany it was trending sustainable ecological ingredients. Biological food stays in a very big trend with a huge demand nowadays.

The company used the concept of mass customization for food and became the first successful story. This is one of the advantages of mass customization and its business model with very low cost. This was noticed by several organizations in Germany and the success of this business model has opened the floodgates for a new host of e-commerce entrepreneurs. Many companies have copied the business model very closely in America and across Europe. Almost all car and computer companies have applied this concept for a long time. Even General Mills tried to set up a custom cereal website but failed mainly due to its very high cost and a non-receptive public. Dr. Frank Piller, a leading German expert in the field and administrator of Mass Customization & Open Innovation News, Co-Director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab, has described Mymuesli at his web-site as a successful business model founded on mass customization.

In 2007 the brand went online with Mymuesli. After just two weeks the company’s sales started to grow rapidly. At the end of the year, the company has moved to a new production site.

The demand for customized cereal breakfast was very high, so the company was in trouble to fulfill all the orders. The company had to increase the number of employees three times that equaled to 90 by the end of 2009 and the problem was solved. Today it has more than 250 employees.


After the idea and starting the production of Mymuesli the founders made some logistics and decided they need the automatization of the process. They needed that machine that will be capable of mixing huge amount of ingredients into different possible variations of muesli, putting into the tube. The automatisation of mixing such amount of ingredients into numerous variations was quite a problem to solve because all the automatization companies could produce a lot of packs but all muesli of the same type. Meanwhile, the co-founder Hubertus Bessau asked the help of the specialist in automatisation who agreed to produce such mechanism. So the company made 6 prototypes and when it was almost perfect they replicate 80 machines for all the ingredients. This is when the full-scale production process started.


In 2011, after two years of planning and development, the company finally installed the Mymuesli mix machine, the world's first fully automated organic muesli mixing machine. This machine is responsible for mixing more than 566 quadrillion possible muesli combinations. Together with it, the founders had to build the entire workshop around this system. They found the perfect location and built Mymuesli workshop right in the heart of Passau. The Head of Production Cornelia Bauer coordinates all the processes within muesli workshop and ensures that only the best ingredients make it into your breakfast bowl.


All the mueslis are mixed with the highest quality standards at the workshop in Passau. The company is committed to maintaining strict hygiene standards and careful adhering to all applicable food production guidelines.

The production of the organic mueslis is monitored and regularly checked by independent experts from food supervisory bodies. The company is certified in line with the HACCP standard (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a preventative approach to food safety originally developed for NASA.

The ingredients are coming from selected producers, suppliers and traders. The company maintains close contacts with the business partners that plays a vital role in ensuring outstanding product quality. Wherever possible, Mymuesli buys all organic ingredients from regional farmers mostly in Germany, but some of them, as for example, pineapple, are coming from certified partners around the globe.

Mymuesli is a member of the Biokreis association, a group dedicated to organic agriculture and healthy eating, that shows the high standards of the organic sources guaranteed by the company. It applies the very strict standards which go over and above the EU-Eco-regulation - ensuring that every spoonful is what it promises to be.

Like all ingredients, the Mymuesli apple pieces also come from biological cultivation. Botanica represented by managing director Martin Nätscher is the key supplier of bio-apple cubes that go into the muesli. 


Today the company provides the customers with a variety of 80 ingredients which could be mixed up to 566 quadrillion different combinations of cereals. The product is rather expensive, but the high demand shows people's willingness to pay for a healthy and tasty breakfast, designed on their own. The founders were able to finance their activities in the beginning without venture capital. Using their own money and savings as well as family funds, the type of financing can be described as bootstrapping. This was possible since there were no big investments needed for the web page and the warehouse to act as a reseller and distributor of the customized cereals.

After venture capitalists joined the company in 2008 in order to finance the expansion to other European countries such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria, the company published at least some basic income and expense numbers. Since that time the company had several financial rounds from venture capitalists. The funding is required for further market penetration through traditional marketing methods such as commercials to build a strong brand. Moreover, some packaging facilities also were needed to mix, pack and deliver the orders faster. The company started to sell some different pre-mixed mueslis in the coffee shops. This new distribution channel as well as acquiring and developing more of them became successful as well. But with respect to the positive cash flows right from the beginning 1 million Euros of external funding was sufficient for the second financing round because there was the possibility of organic growth through retained earnings and internal financing from the revenues.


Since 2008 the company started to expand in Europe. The muesli fans in the UK and in Switzerland could customize their muesli. The same year the company opened a smaller factory in Tägerwilen, Switzerland. The first Mymuesli store was opened in 2009 in Passau.

Since 2009 Mymuesli also became available in the Netherlands. And the team grew further. Nowadays, as the mature company, it has an experience and could deal with the expansion of business without the previous supply chain problems. 2010 - 2011 the headquarters moved again to a new factory and a new office.

In 2012 the company opened two local Mymuesli stores in Munich and in Regensburg. In 2012 the business of MyMuesli found the support from the investor of 19% share named Knusperreich GmbH, the Berline Startup 2011 by Manuel Grossmann und Max Finne. At the end of 2015 MyMuesli was supported by additional financing from The Jungs GmbH with 46% of share and Genui Vierte Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH with the share that equaled 32%.

In May 2016, after almost 9 years of development, the co-founder and CEO Hubertus Bessau successfully shared his experience of Mymuesli establishment at the European Largest Nordic eCommerce Summit in Stockholm.

Today, the company Mymuesli has a clearly identified market segment. It sells premium quality, organic muesli, and the customers can choose the product according to their wishes. As of now, the company concentrates on people who are either interested in customizing their own cereals or people who are interested in buying organic food. Both the customization industry and the organic food industry is growing in recent times which supposes the constant stable growth of sales for the company.


Online Muesli Mixer is the unique online muesli mixing shop that offers plenty variations of flakes together with huge variations of ingredients. There are about 50 different ready mixes as you can see at the official on-line shop. 

The penetration of the cereal market in developing countries in Asia and other parts of the world is very low. The sale of cereals in Russia and China is small compared to global terms with 263 million USD and 71 million USD of sales in a 24 billion USD cereal industry. These markets are growing fast and have a huge potential lying ahead. The company first was selling cereals via its website and it was delivered to the customer’s home. Since that time the company has a partnership with DHL, a huge logistics company for the delivery. Considering the fact that 77.5% of cereals are distributed via supermarkets and hypermarkets, the company continuously concentrates on adding another valuable distribution channel like supermarkets.

Since July 2008 it is available in the UK and that was quite a step for a small startup. For several years, the customers may find favorite muesli off-line, since Mymuesli currently exists locally in many stores to touch, see and try the unique mixing product. Since 2012 Mymuesli started to sell their products in trendy coffee shops in Berlin as a good step to test and develop another distribution channel. It was a huge success and company easily expanded this strategy. Nowaday, Mymuesli is available in more than fifty big cities via Germany. A huge variety of different kinds of muesli waits for the customers in Mymuesli’s overflowing shops in Passau, Berlin, Munich, Augsburg, Mainz, Dusseldorf, Bern etc. The showcases promise plenty of cereal breakfasting and all of the organic top quality. Locally, cereal consultants can help with finding a personal favorite flavor mix. In addition, visitors can sample cereal or breakfast in Mymuesli2go cups ready to cook along with the way for free. There’s even a bespoke Mymuesli blend for each city with the photo of the city on the tube.

Mymuesli continues its international expanding and now EUROPARK, the largest shopping center in Salzburg, proudly presents the most successful German Mymuesli brand in Austria. The company plans to expand the business internationally. It is possible partnerships with huge coffee store chains like Starbucks or Waynes Coffee as a huge step towards supermarkets and other distribution channels.


There are 6 classic flavors of MyMuesli such as:

The collection recently was added by new flavors such as 40% Protein Muesli, and Paleo Apple Crunchy and Paleo Coconut Crunchy. The standard weight of the muesli in the tube is 575g. The average prices for standard tube equal 8,90 €, the price for the pack of four tubes is 34,90 € and pack of 6 tubes costs around 51,90 €. The customers can find the detailed description of organic ingredient and nutrition in the chart under each kind of muesli package on the website and on the backside of the tube. The new taste will cost more than the standard one. For Paleo Apple Crunchy 575g tube the customer will pay 14,90 €, the average price for a pack of 4 tubes is 59,00 € and 6 tubes of muesli cost 87,90 €.

Lately, the company added special edition of Mymuesli for children, organic muesli without artificial flavors and additives. The ideal children's breakfast with "Aufess-Grarantie".

Mymuesli in portion cups

The special edition Mymuesli2go serving cups are just 10cm high and filled with 85g of the best organic muesli. It is comfortable to take this kind of snack on a trip or to work. Mymuesli2go 12 different kinds became bigger with 2 new varieties: Cocoa Chips Nut and Apple and Almond Granola. Mymueslit2go average price for a pack of 12 cups varies from 19,90 € to 29,90 €.

My Muesli corporate sets & gift packs

Organic muesli from Mymuesli will make anyone happy and is a special way of thanking for a great cooperation. Starting from 48 pieces the partners will receive an individual muesli gift. It is perfect for coworkers, customers and business partners.

When ordering 200 muesli tubes the customer receives the customized tube with the corporate symbolic. Either as coworker- or partner gift for Christmas, as a birthday gift, appearance at a fair or for employer branding. The gift pack includes:

It is also possible to choose Mymuesli2go cups as a corporate gift decision. The 85g 2go cups with a transparent lid and the personal logo. The proposition is available starting at 240 cups.

There is a Gift box wich consists of 575 g organic muesli tube together with a bowl and spoon. Starting at 100 pieces it is possible to individualize the bowl and spoon.

Lid placer was designed especially for a gift purpose. 575g organic muesli tube is added with the custom designed logo or a personal greeting in the lid placer. The order is possible starting from 48 Mymuesli tubes.

Mymuesli brand offers cups and bowls to the customer. They are made of special brand's Chinese porcelain. Plates and cups are coming in white as well as multicolored. The set of 4 cups costs 58,90 €. The price for a plate is 14.90 €.

Kitchen set details:


With the new spin on the development of mixing technology, the brand creates the new porridge which is available to order via the website as well as to buy in Mymuesli shops. Mymuesli spinoff is named N'oats. It is the finest and unrivaled delicious organic porridge. Bio-porridge consists of the oat flakes which are ground in a special process. A unique organic meal from N'oats is not only delicious but also high-fiber and fast prepared. There are 7 varieties of N'oats plus special Christmas products. The same size and weight like Mymuesli2go N'oats are available in the more compact form which calls N'oats2go.

The store opening is a great event for Mymuesli. The company organizes big events with music and balloons, gifts and special propositions. As one of marketing steps in 2015 during the shop opening in Augsburg, Mymuesli has launched Mymuesli drink gift proposition. For every purchase from Mymuesli Laden Augsburg, the customer received a free Mymuesli drink.

Mymuesli has opened a store in Heidelberg for consumers to buy their favorite muesli. Together with the customized mix of cereal, it became possible to select text and images and print them on tube featuring the unique tailor made the design. The customized packaging is made possible with the 4D Jetmaster Dimension printing technology from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). It has successfully developed this technology within all the network of shops.


For the period of development, the company was acknowledged with the  Financial Times Germany Award, Enable2start, the Bayern Online prize, a Multimedia Founders' prize of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and were voted Startup of the year 2007 by a jury of the online magazine Deutsche Startups. In 2008 it received the Young Business Award 2008 (Bundesverband des Deutschen Versandhandels) and in 2009 Selected Place In the City Of Ideas Award (Ausgewählter Ort im Land der Ideen). In 2016 Mymuesli has also won the German Marketing Award.


Recently, the brand is proudly represented by the Yoga Instructor and Fitness Model Zeynep Doenmez having the same healthy ideology. It has introduced the special edition of Yoga-Müsli with apple pieces, amaranth, and a special ayurvedic blend spice. In the process of product development, the company deals intensely with the yogic philosophy of dieting. Zeynep supports the brand in a photo shoot as a model and as the instructor of yoga at the web-site. She teaches yoga and there is a special blog with questions and answers about the healthy diet and new trends in yoga. The company has launched Asana Rebel, the only Yoga Inspired Fitness app in the world, that allows users to follow special workouts and to reach personal fitness goals together with the healthy Mymuesli diet.


 "The special thing about my cereal is that it is not only fruity but also sweet. The white chocolate harmonizes very well with the fruits and looks super delicious! The perfect muesli for me."@_jacquelineg._

“Individuality and quality are particularly important to our customers. They don’t just want some muesli, they want their muesli. It has never been easier to give family and friends such an unexpected surprise as it is with a custom-printed mymuesli can.” Max Wittrock, co-founder of Mymuesli.


"I just placed my order for a custom box of muesli. No raisins, but plenty of mango and apricots. No hazelnuts, but cashews and pine. And some magic Alfalfa (what ever this is, but is seems to be good). By doing so, I stepped into the typical MC consumer trap: Motivated by a cheap basic price and rather small additional premiums for additional items, I ended up with a Muesli that will cost about 4 times more per pound compared to my standard organic muesli mix. But it is custom, comes in a nice box, and has my name on it. So who cares?! MC veterans will remember General Mills’ pilot in the same area,, but this venture never went online in full scale. Today, three business school graduates from Germany have launched Mymuesli (of course in beta). Max Wittrock, Hubertus Bessau and Philipp Kraiss offer customers on their rather simple site a simple, but working configurator to create complex custom mixes from more than 75 ingredients. While the site is not the latest in web design, I like the idea – and I am curious to see how the site develops! Update: After about two weeks, I got my custom muesli mix. It was packed in a special tube box (which, however, did not survive the treatment in the German postal service). The muesli is great, really delicious mix, very good ingredients. But I am not sure yet f it is worth the high premium compared to my regular stuff.” Dr. Frank Piller, a leading German expert in the field and administrator of Mass Customization & Open Innovation News, Co-Director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab

"Nice example of mass-customization, and one that’s quickly catching on: Mymuesli started two weeks ago, but has already run out of packaging (which they’d estimated would last at least 8 weeks). … One to adapt to local breakfast preferences? Could be a fun gimmick for hotels, too: during the booking process, let guests order their own breakfast and have it delivered to their room in a personalized box". Springwise 

"Consumers in the mymuesli store on Heidelberg’s Hauptstraße can choose from four favorite, ready-filled muesli mixes and then pay a surcharge to have the packaging designed to their taste. There are five motifs to choose from that are based on themes related to the city of Heidelberg. Consumers can also type a message for the recipient on the packaging. After choosing the muesli mix and motif and enter the text at a special terminal, a mymuesli assistant places the can in the Heidelberg Jetmaster Dimension and then initiates the printing process." Food News International