NEUWAY Pharma GmbH, Bonn, Germany, is focusing on the preclinical and clinical development of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of severe orphan brain diseases based on its proprietary CNS Drug Delivery Platform. The company also intends to partner its drug delivery technology for application to proprietary compounds of pharmaceutical companies to exploit its therapeutic use in the field of CNS indications. NEUWAY had been founded in April 2014 as the first spinoff from Life Science Inkubator GmbH, where it had been incubated and supported with approx. € 2.3 million in research funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. 

The target of NEUWAY´s CNS Drug Delivery Technology is to facilitate the transport of active drug substances through the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The BBB is an epithelium layer surrounding 600 kilometres cranial blood vessels. This layer controls the transport to and from the central nervous system (CNS) and protects the brain from toxins and pathogens. Unfortunately, many drugs are regarded as toxins by the BBB and are prevented to pass the BBB and exert its activity in the brain. This is why many drug candidates for CNS diseases fail in development.

An efficient CNS delivery system for drugs naturally excluded from the CNS by the BBB would allow reviving the therapeutic potential of drug candidates that got stuck in the development pipeline. NEUWAY focuses on the exploitation of its CNS Drug Delivery Platform that can be used to facilitate the transport of active drug substances of different origins into the CNS.

NEUWAY’s CNS Drug Delivery Platform is based on a protein capsule (Engineered Protein Capsule - EPC) that allows filling of its lumen with therapeutic active compounds. The EPC consists of one protein that occurs naturally and is biotechnologically manufactured by NEUWAY. Preclinical Proof-of-Concept was demonstrated using a large molecule that was successfully transported across the BBB into cells of the mouse CNS: A plasmid encoding for Firefly Luciferase packed into NEUWAY`s EPCs expressed the Luciferase protein in brain cells and made the animal's brain emit photons.

In addition, NEUWAY´s proprietary CNS Drug Delivery Platform has the great potential to serve as a vehicle for active drug substances of different origins to pass the blood-brain barrier.