Pediatrics 24 is an ecosystem that provides indispensable services for the wellbeing of all children, everywhere in the world. It is a part of Apollonia medical ecosystem created for the healthcare industry. The program is a decentralized medical database that stores unedited medical records, survey results, methods of treatment and etc. The developed Pediatrics 24 is easy to use and effective, a day-to-day platform that can be utilized by clinics and paediatrics since it gives them an instant, transparent view of practice performance. This innovative system provides an advanced patient care, high efficiency of the practice, time management, and flexible work arrangements.

Apollonia is a multifunctional platform for doctors and clinics that automates management process. Whether you are a doctor, a representative of the insurance company or a patient, the ecosystem allows the communication between all participants of the healthcare industry to be transparent and convenient.

In turn, an innovative Pediatrics 24 system was created by paediatricians for both healthcare professionals and patients alike. One of the biggest advantages of this ecosystem is that it can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the world. It also simplifies healthcare discussions. The user can free up his/her time, spending it doing what does best.

The system makes the process of children consulting much more professional, fast, and, at the same time, easier. The EMR for paediatrics became an irreplaceable tool - treatment cards depending on a child's age, set of diagnosis and etc.

In addition, this innovative ecosystem has already received many approvals from clinicians and paediatricians, which only confirms its characteristics and emphasizes its simplicity in the use and effectiveness.