eero replaces router and covers whole home with a fast, reliable WiFi

Rivian Automotive: The world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicles

Relign: medical instruments for tissue removal during arthroscopic surgery

GlakoLens provides a non-invasive continuous IOP monitoring

GlakoLens is a medical devices company developing innovative biosensors based on proprietary technology, first of which is a non-invasive continuous intra-ocular pressure (IOP) monitoring device. The company’s strategy is to focus on introducing a single, state-of-the-art product at a time. GlakoLens was co-founded as a technological spinoff from the Boğaziçi University (BosphorusUni) in 2017 by three distinguished academicians conducting research on biosensors, integrated circuits, MEMS and electro-optical systems. They have been working together for more than a decade and have successfully completed several international collaborative R&D projects.

17 days ago

Automatic toothbrush robot to keep your teeth fresh n’ clean

Brushing teeth daily is extremely important, as oral and dental health is directly linked to overall health. However, some people, such as the elderly with weak muscles or those with disabilities in the upper limbs, have a difficult time brushing teeth on their own. The newly developed toothbrush enables such people to do so with no or minimal assistance. Professor Hiroyuki Ishii of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University and Genics Co., Ltd. developed a fully-automatic, mouthpiece-type toothbrush. To keep teeth healthy and shiny, all user would have to do is put the toothbrush in the mouth and let it do the work, without having to make the brushing motion.

23 days ago

Nutrigenomix: Personalized Nutrition Assessment

Nutrigenomix is a University of Toronto (UniToronto) spinoff biotechnology company that is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition. The Nutrigenomix® test kit enables healthcare professionals to counsel their clients according to their unique genetic profile. Their service includes the saliva collection kits, genotyping at our CAP and CLIA accredited lab, and customized reports based on cutting-edge research and stringent standards of scientific evidence. The study of how individual genetic variation affects a person's response to nutrients and impacts the risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases.

24 days ago

Vive Crop Protection: Vive's Line of Fertilizer Compatible (FC) Products

Ahead: AI-assisted hematologic analytic and decision support

LaserLight, the world’s brightest and most innovative light source

TemperPack seeks to solve the world's packaging problems

TemperPack was founded in 2015 as a partnership between two friends from Maryland and a third colleague from school, the company was born out of a desire to reduce the amount of unsustainable packaging that correlated with the growing world of e-commerce delivery. Currently, TemperPack operates two facilities in Virginia and Nevada and is rapidly expanding its reach in the perishable and cold chain shipping market, all with the goal of reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills. The company's main product ClimaCell™, which performs as well as EPS foam, and is certified curbside recyclable.

33 days ago

Achilles Heel Technologies: internet security for large companies

Achilles Heel Technologies, LLC (BYU technology) uses cutting-edge math and unique software to show you where your cyber-human-physical systems are most vulnerable to attack. Cybersecurity is essential because the threats are real - and growing. Malicious actors, ranging from individual hackers to established governments, regularly attempt to penetrate public and private infrastructure. They’re often successful. The complexity of modern systems, with all of their cyber, physical, and human components, usually presents many avenues of attack, some of which will be much more damaging than others.

57 days ago

A new device may easily detect Alzheimer's disease

Infectious diseases can spread very rapidly, so quickly identifying them can be crucial to stopping an epidemic. However, current testing for such diseases can take hours and days. Jayne Wu, associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee (UnTen), Knoxville, and Shigetoshi Eda, associate professor of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries at the UT Institute of Agriculture Center for Wildlife Health, have developed a portable device that can be used onsite to detect infectious diseases, pathogens, as well as physiological conditions in people and animals. This device has the potential to save a lot of lives by saving time in detection. It also saves a lot of money as it is cheaper to detect diseases than the system that is currently being used since don't have to send them to a lab and have the sample be scrutinized by technicians.

59 days ago

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