A new device for the washing for any type of the fabric

No-spill bottle that can be activated by your lips


Eternal notebook and eternal pencil that could be used endlessly

Breakthrough gesture recognition platform

Motion Gestures is a Canadian machine learning spinoff company specializing in gesture recognition. Recently they launched a groundbreaking platform for gesture recognition applications. The technology is a significant advance over conventional approaches and dramatically reduces the time, cost, and effort of building a gesture interface for any system, device, or application. It supports gesture recognition with a wide variety of motion, touch, and vision sensors and could be deployed on cloud, gateway/hub, and embedded platforms.

12 days ago

A novel tracking device Protect-My-Bike

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Vasily Nikolaev, the CEO and Co-founder of Protect-My-Bike, about an innovative tracking technology that can eliminate the problem of stolen bicycles. About 1.5 million bicycles are stolen each year in the USA and about 3 million in Europe. Only 2-5% of them are recovered. The problem of stolen bicycles is very big and our company presents an innovative tracking location product Protect-My-Bike. This breakthrough device has long lasting batteries, about 7-8 years, that is comparable with the lifetime of the bike. The user just needs to secretly installed the tracker in the frame and it cannot be seen, removed or destroyed by a thief, making the device different from current protecting technologies. Furthermore, law enforcement has demonstrated a strong interest in collaborating with Protect-My-Bike.

19 days ago

The newest sensor installed in the catheter can detect inflammation in real-time

In contradistinction to the inorganic counterparts such as silicon, organic semiconductors can work under bending or stretching . Usually, the thinner film is more flexible, and smaller devices can provide the rapid response times, which is particularly important for applications such as medical diagnostics where immediate information is required. In order to continuously control certain proteins or biomarkers in the human organism, the general approach is to regularly analyze blood at fixed intervals of time. However, the analysis still takes hours or longer to complete, and real-time information cannot be provided. Therefore, the scientific group led by Dr Paddy Chan Kwok- leung from the University of Hong Kong has developed an ultra-thin and flexible sensor integrated into a medical catheter that can perform inflammation detection 30 times faster.

27 days ago

Copper3D: new antibacterial nanocomposites for the 3D printing industry

Absolutely innovative portable and flexible keyboard

ECOSPRAYS can significantly reduce chemicals runoff in agriculture

The ViScope Visual Stethoscope

A compact elеctronic stethoscope cоmbining a high resоlution visual displаy with traditionаl auscultаtion has beеn developеd by the Indian spinoff cоmpany Icarus Nova. Medical professionаls are able to pеrform dynamic auscultation аnd see thе hеart beats thеy hear in reаl-time visual wavеforms that are prеsented in thе formаt of thе classicаl phonocardiogram. Thе criticаl neеd fоr a cardiac screening tоol that wаs inеxpensive, pоrtable and reliablе wаs finally in thе procеss of being implemented. It is the first time whеn the technоlogy that cоuld visualize hеart sounds alоng with capturing its audiо оutput has beеn develоped. The devicе wаs envisiоned to bе an impоrtant first stеp in diagnosing cаrdiac prоblems, espеcially to servicе remоte, medicаlly undеr servicеd locаtions. 

51 days ago

HeartIn: Unleash your Pro

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Oleksii Vynogradov, the CEO and Co-founder of HeartIn, about an innovative ECG-tracking technology that connects T-shirt and portable ECG. HeartIn comes in a high quality and inconspicuous T-shirt or sports bra design. But don’t be fooled, HeartIn is filled with space-age technology designed to gather the deepest insights into your body. By snapping on the HeartIn Clip you complete a biometric circuit that measures real, hospital-grade ECG signals from your body. ECG signals are given off by your heart during every part of its contraction giving you more resolution than any other form of heart rate monitoring technology. The pros know how important ECG data is and result too expensive, bulky technology just to be able to track precious ECG data. With HeartIn you can start gathering ECG with the snap of a weightless tracking stick. 

52 days ago

MESAY 2.0 - a Languages Voice Translator

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Seven Wei, the Co-founder of Mesay, about an innovative and ultimate two-way AI translator Mesay 2.0 that provides the translation into 16 languages just in 2 seconds. This portable machine provides the translation that can be performed offline. The usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in translating can guarantee that 97% of the translations are accurate. It is a very light device, 0.1 pounds, that user can bring everywhere. Mesay 2.0 is a must-have for anyone who wants to travel to any country and be able to connect. The device helps with easier communication with a 'Make Friends' feature that allows users to communicate with another Mesay user. Furthermore, it also has loudspeakers that provide a good communication even in public places with extra noise. The main goal of this invention is to provide the ability to communicate without language borders in different socio-cultural environments.

52 days ago


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