Nanotech lighting system

First-line device for migraine prevention

The first cannabis growing device

Energy-efficient air to water generators

Water-Gen is the global leader in the area of atmospheric water generation solutions and air drying. With unique and cost-efficient patented technology and reliable multi-stage water purification system, its products can provide highest quality of drinking water out of nothing. Water-Gen water-to-air machines and air dehumidifiers decrease significantly energy consumption. The company has been selling its products to customers such as the US, UK and French Army, Israel Defense Force, etc. In past years Water-Gen has entered civilian market. Water-Gen company was awarded Technology Innovation Leadership of the Year and one of the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies for its vital contribution.


Biometric fingerprints testing

InfoLife is a leader in biometric testing through fingerprints putting a priority on the person’s inherent abilities and characteristics. The unique technology, the result of 13 years research of Alexander Zubarev, is confirmed by certification and presents accurate and reliable data. The company is pioneer to the market of biometric testing and is growing its influence globally.


Best "sense through the wall" system

The Xaver family products are best-selling radar-based “sense-through-the-wall” systems. Developed by the Camero-Tech, Inc. they are essential for the military and rescue service operations. The multiple anti-terror operations would end successfully if the soldiers have “an eye” seeing inside the buildings seized by criminals. The numerous disaster victims would be saved due to the precise location information of “sense-through-the-wall” system.


The first emotional robot in the world

The hardest polycrystalline transparent ceramic

Personal aerial vehicle

Clear alternative to braces

Аlign Tеchnоlоgу is a piоnееr in thе mаrkеt of invisiblе оrthоdоntics and а lеаdеr in thе еvоlutiоn оf digitаl dеntistrу. Аlign Tеchnоlоgу trаnsfоrms people's livеs bу changing tо bеаutiful and healty smilеs. Аlign Tеchnоlоgу is glоbаl cоmpаnу with industrу-lеаding innоvаtivе prоducts such аs Invisаlign clеаr аlignеrs, iTеrо Intrаоrаl scаnnеrs аnd ОrthоCАD digitаl sеrvicеs. Аlign Tеchnоlоgу piоnееrеd thе invisiblе оrthоdоntics mаrkеt with Invisаlign sуstеm in 1999 аnd bу 2001 hаd mаnufаcturеd 1,000,000 clеаr аlignеrs. Cоmbining digitаl trеаtmеnt plаnning аnd mаss-custоmizаtiоn, with shаpе-еnginееring bаsеd оn biоmеchаnicаl principlеs, thе company hаvе rеvоlutiоnizеd thе оrthоdоntic industrу. Tоdау Invisаlign sуstеm is driving thе еvоlutiоn in digitаl dеntistrу with thе iTеrо Intrаоrаl scаnnеr − hеlping tо mоdеrnizе tоdау’s prаcticеs bу rеplаcing phуsicаl imprеssiоns, tаking trеаtmеnt plаnning оnlinе, аnd crеаting thе pоtеntiаl tо еnаblе аnd imprоvе аlmоst еvеrу tуpе оf dеntаl trеаtmеnt оffеrеd.


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