Portable autorefractor measures refractive errors of the eye

Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation for Depression Treatment

World's strongest pantyhose

Medical socks will save from venous thrombosis

'Smart' socks, stimulating blood circulation were developed by the Israeli Elastimed Company. Socks intended for the continuous treatment of people who suffer from poor blood circulation in the lower limbs. About 40% of people suffer chronic venous insufficiency, which is expressed in the severity of the legs, pain in the veins, edema, cramps, and skin changes and can even lead to the formation of ulcers.


HeartIn: Unleash your Pro

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mr. Oleksii Vynogradov, the CEO and Co-founder of HeartIn, about an innovative ECG-tracking technology that connects T-shirt and portable ECG. HeartIn comes in a high quality and inconspicuous T-shirt or sports bra design. But don’t be fooled, HeartIn is filled with space-age technology designed to gather the deepest insights into your body. By snapping on the HeartIn Clip you complete a biometric circuit that measures real, hospital-grade ECG signals from your body. ECG signals are given off by your heart during every part of its contraction giving you more resolution than any other form of heart rate monitoring technology. The pros know how important ECG data is and result too expensive, bulky technology just to be able to track precious ECG data. With HeartIn you can start gathering ECG with the snap of a weightless tracking stick. 


CMOS technology for digital dental imaging

CMOS imagers take a leading position in dental X-ray devices. It was developed by the engineer Eric Fossum at Jet Propulsion Labоratory of the NASA. Since then, CMOS images are a leading technology in the sphere of digital portrayal processing. CMOS technology was licensed by Schick Technologies.


AbStats is the new vital sign


Self blood-testing technology


Enzymatic gel for non-traumatic caries removal

Chronic wound solution

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Moshe Landsberg, CEO of EnzySurge Ltd. on proprietary innovative solution for chronic wounds & burns treatment at wound care 

EnzySurge Ltd. was founded in 2001 by Prof. Freeman, a professor of biotechnology and the incumbent Chair in Protein Nanobiotechnology at Tel Aviv University. EnzySurge Ltd. provides proprietary innovative solutions for the global wound care market, in order to promote the natural wound healing process, with focus on outpatient, long-term, and home care settings. It is headquartered in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel with R&D activities in Israel, clinical activities in USA, India & Israel. EnzySurge Contract Manufacturing Organization is located in Israel.


Nanopore genome sequencer

Oxford Nanopore has invented the world's first and only nanopore DNA sequencer, the MinION. It is designed to accumulate data on hundreds of molecules simultaneously and return results promptly. This unique device streams electronic sensing data of biological molecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins. The MinION is a portable long-read and low-cost device brings easy biological analyses to anyone, whether in scientific research, education or a range of real world applications. It may be applied for disease or pathogen monitoring, environmental study, food chain surveillance, self-quantification or even microgravity biology. Fully integrated, real-time analysis solutions is coupled exclusively with Oxford Nanopore's sensing technology. Real-time data streaming means that users may be able to reach the answer to their biological question rapidly, supporting their decision-making processes. The game-changing technology may save the millions of lives all around the globe by fast detecting the type of virus or DNA changes and quick feedback data due to the unique software to any electronic device.


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