SkinIO - a full-body imaging mapping system can detect skin cancer

Snap40 provides a remotely manage health

A novel patch can diagnose hidden heart condition in at-risk populations

Lunit provides AI solutions that can develop data-driven imaging biomarkers

Lunit is a venture company devoted to developing advanced software for medical data analysis and interpretation via cutting-edge deep learning technology. The company' main area of expertise lies in processing medical imaging data. Lunit' founders envision a near-future when their systems would greatly help physicians make accurate, consistent, and efficient clinical decisions, not limited to diagnoses, through their data-driven imaging biomarker technology. The high level of the deep learning technology has been well demonstrated, ranked top 5 at ImageNet Challenge 2015, which is the world's largest and most prestigious image recognition competition. Funded by major venture capital companies, Formation 8 and SoftBank Ventures Korea, their endeavors have been well received by the medical community alike and, currently, Lunit is engaged in various large-scale research partnerships with major university hospitals in Korea.

84 days ago

HealthReveal provides AI solution to help diagnose and treat chronic disease

HealthReveal, the New York-based company founded in 2015, provides detecting and management services of chronic disease using AI. Leveraging advanced analytics and biomonitoring for early detection, diagnostic and treatment guidance the company allows to preempt the advance of diseases. By bridging each patient's information with the latest guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT), HealthReveal simplifies and guides the clinical decision-making process. The developed solution predicts individual patient health risks and disease progression, then intervene with personalized diagnostic and treatment guidance.

84 days ago

Bardy Diagnostics provides cardiac arrhythmia monitoring devices

Bardy Diagnostics, Inc. completely redesigned the arrhythmia monitor to elevate signal detection, comfort, and ease of use. The company has created a new, state-of-the-art heart monitor known as Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM™) that can be worn comfortably and discreetly for up to 7 days.  Using feedback from patients, clinicians and physicians, they addressed the long-standing complaint in cardiac arrhythmia monitoring that traditional monitors are bulky, uncomfortable and typically record noisy QRS signals. Therefore, CAM™ can be worn during exercise or while showering. Its unique, narrow, hourglass shape makes it especially advantageous for the female anatomy.

85 days ago

Insilico Medicine provides aging research

BERG generates novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets

BBB predicts and prevents disease to contribute to individual health

Stasis - a patient monitoring system

STASIS LABS, INC. is a health technology startup that aims to make proactive healthcare accessible, affordable, and universal. Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, with aggressive plans of leading Indian healthcare into the digital age, Stasis has designed a remote patient monitoring solution that provides high resolution, ICU-grade monitoring to all areas of the hospital, throughout the patient care pathway. The system significantly improves patient outcomes by providing clinicians with actionable insights to make accurate clinical decisions in a timely manner. STASIS LABS is venture funded and plans to expand its presence pan-India and to enter the home healthcare segment.

97 days ago

Cardiotrack provides an accurate predictive diagnosis for faster intervention

uber Diagnostics Private Limited is a disruptive healthcare diagnostics company that is making heart healthcare more accessible and efficient. The company's mission is to significantly reduce the cost of diagnosis through continuous innovation. The artificial intelligence cardiac care solution addresses key challenges especially in under-served areas where the right, on-time diagnosis can make a life-changing difference. The company developed an innovative Cardiotrack m-Health platform that allows primary care physicians to view ECG data captured by the IoT sensors, store patient records for easy retrieval and send the information for secure storage in the cloud. And now with AI capabilities added to it, the result is a one of a kind product. The ECG signals can be analyzed with a high degree of accuracy to identify specific heart conditions.

97 days ago

ten3T provides real-time health monitoring

ten3T Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. uses AI for the early detection and prevention of fatal medical events. The company, which was founded in 2014 and is based in Bengaluru, India, builds, deploys, and manages wearable medical devices. The company developed Cicer, a wireless wearable health monitoring system that monitors and transfers patient data in real-time to a cloud-based system. Its devices gather, analyze, and report clinical grad information on ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, Sp02, and temperature.

97 days ago

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