Non-invasive measurement of physiological and blood parameters

Commwell: sophisticated telemedical diagnostic and interventional systems

Medopad provides better healthcare using AI

Customized solutions to successfully treat the most challenging environmental issues

Pure Enviro Management, LLC (PEM) is an SBA-certified 8(a), privately held, small disadvantaged business located in Spanish Fork, Utah.  PEM provides environmental solutions including consulting, assessments, compliance, and remediation. PEM offers customized solutions to successfully treat the most challenging environmental issues in both the public and the private sector. Subsurface Metabolic Enhancement (SME, pat. 6,464,005) is used for underground bio-removal of hydrocarbon contamination. SME is a method of cultivating native organisms in place that consume hydrocarbon contamination, converting the hydrocarbons into non-toxic water and carbon dioxide.


Dentavations provided a water carries removal system

A dental chair can combine the sum of all fears…pain, needles, doctors, confined-spaces and loud noises. For patients, this can be attributed to one very specific item - the century-old dental drill. Like the patient, dental professionals would prefer alternatives to this aged technology, but for very different reasons. The dental drill is inconsistent with the growing trend of biomimetic dentistry, better known as minimally invasive dentistry, where the focus is placed on preserving more of the healthy tooth structure while mitigating the decay. However, Dentavations, a Brigham Young University (BYU) spinoff, created a WaterJet that combines the desires of the patient with the needs of the Dentist.


Neonatal Rescue provides a ventilator device to help newborn babies breathe

After winning a social innovation competition through Brigham Young University (BYU) Marriott School, the university' spinoff Neonatal Rescue is poised to introduce its newborn ventilator machine to the developing world to save babies' lives. The NeoLife Ventilator is a new, innovative piece of medical equipment for newborn babies. The device offers the same CPAP technology used to treat and resuscitate babies in hospitals in the U.S., but at a fraction of the cost. Potentially, this machine can save millions of lives throughout the world and help third world countries improve the outcome of newborns.


EMR and billing software for PTs and OTs

Products that optimize enteral feeding and prevent aspiration pneumonia

CellScope provides smarter family care

CardioCube voice-based AI system can manage your heart disease

Every patient would love to have his own, personal doctor at home. CardioCube, a Los Angeles-based spinoff, provides a voice-based AI software that is an everyday companion to help manage the chronic heart disease. Every patient would love to have his own, personal doctor at home. Furthermore, with the use of CardioCube, patient' healthcare provider in the hospital or clinic gets the disease insights for better and faster decisions directly. The company was founded by Oskar Kiwic, Przemysław Magaczewski and Tom Jadczyk in 2016. It has already received a total of $300,000 in funding over 2 rounds.

2018.10.30 provides the engine that drives truly personalized health and wellness Inc is a tech spinoff transforming the way to purchase and take supplements by delivering the first open-source, personalized nutrition solution. The company uses the existing health data to provide real-time, data-driven supplement insights and recommendations to help people find out if and when any supplements are actually helping reach their goals. Built by engineers, MD's and data scientists, Biomarker is focused on ending the confusion and second-guessing that consumers face when deciding what supplements to take and which brands to buy from. Their mission is rooted in providing transparency and trust through data. With Biomarker, a user can seamlessly streamline the health data from practically any wearable, sensor, lab or health app available to measure any supplement brand on the market. Biomarker's core engine handles the analysis through AI and let's the user know if something works or when it's time to change things up.


Diabetic biomarker test

The newly introduced Glycated Serum Protein (GSP) LiquiColor® diabetic (lat. Diabetes Mellitus) biomarker test, developed by EKF Diagnostics, has been verified for use on the Siemens Vista chemistry analyzer. EKF Diagnostics is a medical manufacturer of Point-of-Care (POC) and Central Laboratory technology including tests for hemoglobin, HbA1c, glucose, lactate and a range of chemistry reagents. Their products have a hard-earned reputation for ease of use, reliability and accuracy. Their POC blood analyzers are simple to use and designed to quickly deliver accurate results to aid the diagnosis of anemia, diabetes and associated conditions. EKF products are used in more than 100 countries by healthcare professionals in blood banks, GP surgeries, diabetes clinics, pharmacies, sports medicine, Emergency Rooms and laboratories.


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