mOm Inflatable Incubator

Mechanized underwear fights lower back pain

Scanner that can detect skin cancer

Smart bandage that provides faster healing

A smart bandage which is able to heal chronic wounds or battleground injuries has been created in cooperation by the scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Harvard Medical School and MIT. This bandage consists of electrically conductive fibers that are coated with a gel which can be individually loaded with tissue-regenerating growth factors, infection-fighting antibiotics, painkillers or other medications.


This sensor provides clues about health

A miniature chіp for thе analysis of swеаt bіоmаrkеrs wаs crеаtеd bу thе spеcіаlіsts from Swіtzеrlаnd. This is а small, pоrtаble sensor sуstem which is аblе to еncаpsulаtе аnd аnаlyzе bіоmаrkеrs in sweat, and this will provide іnsіghts іntо people hеаlth.


Intelligent onkoscalpel

Scientists from Imperial College London invented a revolutionary technique involving laser that could be successfully applied during surgery to remove a brain tumor. The unique electroautery smoke detecting technology could prevent then oncological patients from having multiple operations saving their money and lives. It is hoped the technique could make this kind of delicate surgery faster and more accurate. With iKnife it becomes possible for neurosurgeons to identify cancerous brain tumors in 3 seconds. It is a huge step forward in the global human war with cancer.


Remote kissing gadget

Taste sense-manipulating technology

Cell nanoinjection device

Robotic medical devices

Microbot Medical Inc. is a leading medical device company focused on research, design, development and commercialization of technological platforms for micro-robotic-assisted medical devices. Its current platforms are comprised of two highly advanced micro-robotic technologies - ViRob and TipCAT. These platforms consist of micro-robotic technologies, from which the company is developing its product candidates, including the Self Cleaning Shunt (SCS) for the treatment of hydrocephalus and normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH); and a self-propelling, semi-disposable endoscope that is being developed initially for use in colonoscopy procedures.


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