Pure Enviro Management, LLC (PEM) is an SBA-certified 8(a), privately held, small disadvantaged business located in Spanish Fork, Utah.  PEM provides environmental solutions including consulting, assessments, compliance, and remediation. PEM offers customized solutions to successfully treat the most challenging environmental issues in both the public and the private sector. Subsurface Metabolic Enhancement (SME, pat. 6,464,005) is used for underground bio-removal of hydrocarbon contamination. SME is a method of cultivating native organisms in place that consume hydrocarbon contamination, converting the hydrocarbons into non-toxic water and carbon dioxide.

Pure Enviro Management is a spinoff of Brigham Young University (BYU). SME is a natural method of remediation and utilizes microorganisms found in the soil to eat contamination. The delivery system introduces a patented formula of oxygen and nutrients into the soil that stimulates microbes to use hydrocarbon contaminants as a source of energy. As they eat the pollution, the microbes give off carbon dioxide, which is subsequently drawn out of the ground. The ground surface is sealed to ensure that the air exchanged stays in the subsurface.

One of the best benefits the system provides is a low profile. The SME system can be operated with minimal to no interruption to normal business operations. This bioremediation method provides a cost-effective system for removing contamination. It even excels in crowded, confined or other difficult situations, while still allowing the business to continue operation during remediation. The non-toxic and minimal disturbance of SME makes it the preferred choice for petroleum remediation

SME is a patented process for in situ bioremediation of petroleum and other hydrocarbon contamination in soil and groundwater. The patented process of SME offers remediation that is unique and more effective than any other biosparging or bioventing process. SME uses aerobic processes to degrade the contaminants, resulting in clean-up times that are exponentially faster than any anaerobic process. Clean up timelines are usually achieved in a 6-24 month period. Unlike other bio-processes, SME is able to aerate and remediate the deepest levels of aquifers, where the heavier contaminants tend to lie. SME also allows full site remediation, partial remediation, and even spot remediation.

Pure Enviro also has a bacteria that is used with their proprietary system that will clean up TCE’s, PCE’s and Polyvinyl Chlorides.