Quadrofoil – is an eco-friendly high-speed two-seater watercraft on underwater wings, equipped with an electric motor and an accumulator. The developer of Quadrofoil, Slovenian company Quadrofoil d.o.o., positions it as a watercraft for any location. Quiet motor and zero-emissions allow to exploit this electric jetski even in park preservations, where traditionally watercrafts and motor-equipped means of transport are prohibited. The first watercraft Quadrofoil Q2A was launched on the market in 2012 with a price tag of €15,000. 

Quadrofoil represents a construction of a trimaran scheme with 2 seats for a pilot and a passenger. The distinctive feature of this watercraft is its 4 underwater wings of the unique shape, which allows to withdraw the watercraft's hull out of the water and thus minimize water resistance. This influences a great deal cost efficiency and allowed to install an electric motor on the aircraft.   

Throughout its history, mankind tried to achieve the ability to fly. People invented various aircrafts and soared into the air like birds. But what would you say about a boat, which flies above the water? The availability of new materials, innovative manufacturing techniques, and computer aided design provided a new wave of educated designers with the opportunity to say NO to the word "impossible". Three Slovenian designers Simon Pivec, Klemen Tavčar and Miloš Velimirovič and the founder Marjan Rozman dedicated their time, energy and invaluable knowledge to create a spectacular example of this phenomenon - Quadrofoil, the first all electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft.

The hull of Quadrofoil is made of composite materials. The bottom lines create perfect aerodynamic unloading, which simplifies rising of the watercraft above the water. 4 foil-shaped wings serve as a gliding basis. The wings are arranged in a way that allows them to be folded during the transportation of the watercraft on the land or to "beat-off" the underwater obstacles. These properties preserve the expensive elements of Quadrofoil from damages. The watercraft comes in a set with 2 paddles, in case the battery will run out.

Construction of the wings provides a roll axis of 8 meters, which keeps the watercraft in the horizontal position even during the most extreme maneuvers. Quadrofoil is operated by a steering-weel with a sensor screen, which indicates all the necessary parameters of movement. The steering-wheel is demountable and serves as a key of the watercraft at the same time. The control system will not start the motor without it. Theft prevention is arranged on the highest level. Instead of a traditional ignition lock or a chip key, Quadrofoil is equipped with a sensor that identifies fingerprints of the owner. 

Quadrofoil is available in 2 modifications – basic Q2A model, with a 3,7 kWt motor and 3,5 kWt/h battery volume, and Q2S Limited model with a 5,5 kWt motor and 10 kWt/h battery volume. The second model is capable of gathering speed of 40 km/h, meanwhile the first model does 30 km/h. Fully charged battery of Q2S will allow to float, namely, to fly over the water for 2 hours, covering a distance of 100 km. The model is available with a price tag of €22,500.

What distinguishes Quadrofoil among other recreational "water toys"?

Absolutely eco-clean and harmless for environment

One of the greatest advantages of Quadrofoil is absolute absence of emissions, harmful for the sensitive marine ecosystem. Meanwhile, the majority of personal watercrafts consume almost 1 liter of gasoline per minute, and emit the same amount of burnt hydrocarbon in the form of exhaust gas into rivers and lakes. Such a tremendous destructive effect on environment does not justify itself.

Silent and smooth

Another great advantage for the marine ecosystem, as well as for passengers’ comfort, is the fact that this jetski does not create any noise and floats very silently. Moreover, when floating at high speed it does not create any waves, as it does not displace large amount of water. The vibration disappears and it really seems that Quadrofoil is flying. It’s flight can be disturbed only by the waves, exceeding 50 cm. 

Fully electric, but very fast

Owing to foil-shaped underwater wings, Quadrofoil provides floating at the maximum speed of 40 km/h, with the help of only one electric motor with capacity of 3,7 kWt. With the light weight of the hull (only 150 kg), made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and mounted lithium batteries with the capacity of 4,5 kWt/h, this watercraft is capable of floating on the distance of up to 100 km. In comparison with traditional boats, this jetski demonstrates the following advantages: its speed increases significantly, meanwhile the energy consumption is low. No wonder that Quadrofoil established the world record among water means of transport. The company has ambitious plans to create faster models in the nearest future, and even racing versions.


Quadrofoil watercraft can be recharged from the domestic power source in just one hour. Or one can use flexible solar batteries, which are supplied with a Quadrofoil and are designed for installation inside the craft as an emergency power source, or as a means to recharge the battery, when electrical power source is unavailable.


Yes, the designers of Quadrofoil claim that the watercraft is unsinkable. The fact is that Quadrofoil is designed in such a way that it should always return to its upright position in case if you do not manage to negotiate the change in direction.

No registration needed

Quadrofoil belongs to a category of watercrafts that do not require special registration, a PWC license, navigation permit or insurance in the EU, thanks to the fact that its motor power does not exceed 3.7 kW.

Does not hit wallets

The retail price of the Quadrofoil in average is €15,000 (4.4 kW) and €22,500 (10 kW). One can secure a spot on the waiting list with a €5,000 deposit.

Promising future

After the first model was introduced on the market, Quadrofoil proved that it has all the chances to achieve a great commercial success in the nearest future. The watercraft gives a brilliant opportunity to develop recreational business on the water. Moreover, the company develops its own outboard motor, which is predicted to be one of the most efficient in the world. Thus, a faster model of Quadrofoil will be available in the nearest future. Its maximum speed will be increased more than twice comparing to current versions. Most likely, Quadrofoil will step from the water jetski for active recreation to a super-speedy watercraft for special forces. The company welcomes offers of delaerships, distribution and investments.


"Its sleek look and lightweight hull (just 220 lbs.) aren’t all about speed though, there’s more to this craft than meets the eye. It’s designed to be eco-friendly and completely oil free, running an all-electric outboard motor that can take you over 60 miles on a single charge. Not only that, but at a cost of just $1.25/hour, it is the most efficient PWC on the water", Yachting Magazine

"The eco friendly Quadrofoil is designed to be almost unsinkable due to its airtight top module and foil hydrodynamics that create automatic balancing and stabilization. When airborne at 12 km/h it flies over water and with ergonomic and soft seats premium comfort is achieved", Eluxe Magazine

"Able to cruise speeds of up to 20 knots, the inventive watercraft also features a patented integrated steering system, and a steering wheel that houses a tech savvy touch screen that tracks battery life, range, speed, and power consumption. This is definitely one head-turning machine that is sure to invade wish lists everywhere", Lifestyle For Men Magazine