An effective thermal panel that not only saves money but also treats the user was developed Quantum electric company. Ukrainian scientists suggested making low-cost eco-friendly heating and at the same time completely abandon the use of gas. They demonstrated a device that, according to its creators, 'is capable of reversing the existing order in the world energy industry'.

Scientists created a heat panel that effectively heats living quarters with little power consumption. This technology was launched by the Ukrainian company Quantum Electric. The uniqueness of the development lies also in the fact that it not only saves money but also improves the health of the user. Sergei Petrov, director of the Institute for the Development of Innovative Technologies, tells that initially the device was developed as a means of preventing upper respiratory tract diseases. However, during laboratory experiments, a new method for converting electrical energy into thermal energy was discovered.

The principle of the device is based on the maximum use of the heat flux of infrared radiation, which is in a favorable range for humans. The thermal panel 'Quantum Electric' consists of natural ceramic-carbon plates, inside which a special thread is used. The shape of the apparatus is a square with a side dimension of 60 cm and a thickness of 2 cm.

The device provides an optimal temperature and humidity in the room in the heated state. In this case, the panel consumes several times less electricity than traditional spiral heaters, and it keeps the heat for a long time after switching off the power supply.According to the scientist, currently, they offer a market a replacement for gas heating, which will save huge money for every consumer. Their technology allows you to receive 100% of the additional heat energy from 30% or more.The director of the institute also told that during the test experiment the panel for three hours could heat the air to more than 26 degrees, which is 32% more than the standard electric convector in the experiment in the same chamber. At the same time, the device showed a lower consumption of electric power per 100 W for the specified period of time.

Natalia Sadovskaya, CEO of Quantum Electric,  tells that the previous versions of the panel were created as medical devices with the corresponding certificates, and later the way of using the panel was also developed as a household heater. The medical effect has remained plus the efficiency of the use of heat has been added. It can be used to prevent viral diseases, pneumonia, bronchitis. In addition, in rooms with high humidity, it kills mold. The panel stimulates immunity, facilitates the recovery of a person after surgery.

The efficiency of the 'Quantum Electric' panel was confirmed by the scientists of the Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia), where the device was tested. The EU allocated about 2 million euros for the completion and organization of production.According to the company representatives, one panel is designed for an area of 13 square meters and its price is about 100$, but with a purchase of 6 pieces, the cost of the device can be reduced. It is also reported that a family living in an apartment of 70 m2 - can save more than $500 for a season, and residents of a private house of 100 m2 will save in the family budget more than $700 for the same period.