Raybaby works from up to 5ft away from the baby and can track sub-mm variations in breathing, even in the dark, and when the baby is swaddled. The highly sophisticated AI-engine that receives data from the device, the sensor, the microphone, and the video. It analyzes and interprets this data to inform you more than just the baby's sleep and breathing status. It's able to predict their sleep patterns and tell you how much and how well your baby slept for you. What this means for you is a monitor that supports your parenting journey by offering insights and recommendations. What's more, the engine is constantly learning from the data it receives about your baby. In other words, it grows with your baby, growing more attuned to their patterns and communicating it to you.

Raybaby is FCC-certified, which is a requirement for electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States. This certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission. Additionally, the components used in the manufacture of Raybaby are also FCC certified.

The inventors also use highly encrypted and secure servers to offer the required degree of security to the users. The video is an optional feature, that can be disabled from the app, without interfering with the workings of the device. The team has worked with the UL, one of the global leaders in safeguarding security, compliance and global interoperability. With their guidance, the inventors have been conducting intensive analytical, physical and performance testing, consumer studies, in-depth inspections, audits and supply chain management.

Raybaby comes in a range of Red, Blue, and Yellow, a small but significant touch, since these are the three primary colors that will be learnt by a growing toddler. Unlike typical products in this category, which tend to look like webcams or CCTV’s, Raybaby takes a fundamentally different design approach. Shifting the focus away from the technology itself, it is designed to fit into the context of the child’s room and takes cues from classic wooden toys. This alternative use of materials and figurative approach gives it a warm, friendly character