RE'FLEKT is a Munich-based spinoff that was founded by Mr Wolfgang Stelzle, CEO & Founder, in 2012 and currently has more than 60 employees in Munich, Dussel­dorf, Los Angeles and San Fran­cisco. This technology company enables any busi­ness or industry to create their own in-house Augmented and Mixed Reality appli­ca­tions. By making AR and VR afford­able and scalable for busi­ness, RE'FLEKT's ground­brea­king human-centred plat­forms empower anyone to simply infuse their industry know­ledge into custo­mized AR and MR solu­tions. With clients inclu­ding Audi, BASF, BMW, Bosch, Eon, Hyperloop, Hyundai, Leybold, Porsche, Seepex and Thyssen Krupp, the inter­na­tional team deli­vers tech­no­logy solu­tions to a variety of leading global markets.

Consisting of a multi-award-winning content creation platform and a remote expert solution for maintenance, training and operations, the RE'FLEKT ecosystem intelligently projects step-by-step instructions directly onto complex machines and systems using Augmented Reality. Mr Wolfgang Stelzle said that the RE'FLEKT platform helps machine operators and maintenance personnel eliminate mistakes and significantly increase uptime.

Industrial companies use the  RE'FLEKT Ecosystem to transform their existing CAD drawings and data from traditional technical documentation into interactive Augmented Reality applications for mobile devices and smart-glasses. These applications can be used regardless of location to provide interactive user support and standardize learning and education for complex machinery and processes.

In particular, RE'FLEKT's Enterprise AR Suite provides a powerful content creation platform and a remote expert solution to empower workers with flexible and customizable smart instructions on mobile devices and smart glasses - for increased efficiency and reduced errors. Moreover, Enterprise AR Suite also includes REFLEKT REMOTE for real-time expert assistance with Augmented Reality. It provides instant access to expert knowledge and connects to a cloud-based incident management system as well as to AR applications created with the REFLEKT ONE content creation platform.

The company has already received funding from BASF Venture Capital. BASF Venture Capital's opening investment of 3,75 million Euro ($4.4 million US Dollar) follows Bosch's investment in the company in 2015. Wolfgang Stelzle mentioned that the investments from two of the world's largest industrial companies validate their leading position in the Augmented Reality market. With the new funding, the spinoff will continue its strong growth and further invest in the team and products. In addition, the company is recom­mended by leading analysts inclu­ding ABI Rese­arch and Gartner (Gartner Cool Vendor).