Rodan + Fields brings methods of dealing with skin problems to a new level. Established by Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, the world-known dermatologists, the company is a premium brand of skin care products, built on the pioneer approaches in dermatology, supported by clinically tested results. The company was founded on the keynote that good living in your own skin means good living in your life. The company believes that everybody has the possibility to make changes in his own life as well as in the lives of other people. Consequently, this exclusive business model suggests an unprecedented possibility to develop individual business for people who can associate with a community of like-minded businessmen, tied up with a common concept of approach to their lives.


The company Rodan + Fields was established in 2002 by the graduates of Stanford, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields as a retail brand. Today Rodan + Fields transforms the skin and changes the life as a network marketing brand, which offers the independent consultants the possibility to fulfil their dreams of doing their personal business.

Many ideas came to Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields during their practice at the university. They have dedicated their careers to making it possible to achieve visible results that can change a life without having to visit a dermatologist. The company's goal is to give each person an access to dermatological skin care products in order to gain a sense of confidence given by a healthy, clean and smooth facial skin.

In 2007 the company moved from retail to direct sales through personal consultants, each of which is able to provide an individual approach to every client and choose the scheme that will be effective for the solution of specific problems of the individual.

The company believes that complex approach to skin care is important. That is why the system of Multi-Med™ Therapy has been developed, which ensures that a person uses the correct ingredients in the correct formula and the correct sequence.

Rodan + Fields suggests solutions for specific skin problems, providing an individual selection of schemes for effective solving of the most popular ones.

Key features of Rodan + Fields:

The systems Rodan + Fields® Regimens are created to deal effectively with the most popular skin problems. Each system comprises the incremental scheme and applies the most appropriate products for a particular situation.

Main systems of the Rodan + Fields production:

Every system comprises a volume of stuff for 60 days of application. Anther products that are designed to meet the daily needs of skin care are sold separately.


Such factors such as genetics, stress and hormones make the appearance of acne one of the most common dermatological problems faced by 85% of people at some period of their lives. Acne is erroneously considered a problem of teenagers only, affecting 30-40% of adult women. But the psychological impact is immense at any age. People with acne suffer from irritability, depression and low self-concept. Although acne could not be cured completely, it is possible to control and inhibit it to a great extent.

The UNBLEMISH system is part of a Multi-Med® Therapy and is designed to control the major manifestations of acne: clogged pores, accumulation of sebum, accumulation of bacteria and inflammation. Since acne is continuously created under the surface of the affected skin, it is necessary to apply the active ingredients of the UNBLEMISH system twice a day all over the face to stop the whole process of the acne formation. With prolonged use the inflammations are significantly reduced, and the skin looks cleaner and healthier.

Most people see results within 6-8 weeks of application of the UNBLEMISH system. But in the case of a severe form of acne the treatment may last longer. The longer the system products are used, the more noticeable results are seen.

An independent 6-week clinical study showed the following average time of getting rid of acne manifestations:

If improvement does not come after 8 weeks of application of the UNBLEMISH system twice a day or the patient has cystic acne, the specialists Rodan + Fields recommend to visit the office of a qualified dermatologist.

To achieve the best results it is recommended to use the UNBLEMISH system without missing any procedure. Acne is incurable, but it can be controlled. Externally clear skin does not mean that it's time to stop. If acne has not appeared within a few months of the system use twice a day, then one can shift to the one-time application to maintain the effect.

One of the main active ingredients of the UNBLEMISH system is sulfur. Sulfur is a natural mineral that plays a key role in the structure of the connective tissue, skin, muscles, bones, teeth and hair. It helps cells to use oxygen efficiently, gives strength to the hair and even is a part of the DNA.

The main functions of sulfur are the following:

But there is one disadvantage of sulfur. It has a high pH level, which can disrupt the protective function of the skin. When this occurs, the moisture evaporates, drying the skin, and dirt and bacteria may easily penetrate into the body, causing a blemishes and inflammations. That is why the company Rodan + Fields designes its production by systems for an integrated approach to solving the problem. Products of the system complete and enhance the effect of each other, thus neutralizing any possible side effects.


In 2010 Rodan + Fields won two of the most prestigious awards of the Direct Selling Association: Rising Star Award and Excellence in Sales Force Development Award.

"Our mission in Rodan + Fields is to transform the conduct of an independent business with the presence of the brand and innovative products to improve the skin, as well as effective programs of potential income obtaining to make changes in people's lives. These awards confirm that we are on the right way," said Lori Bush, President and CEO of Rodan + Fields on awards ceremony.

The Rising Star Award, which is presented annually to the promising companies working in direct sales that have dedicated themselves to achieving the highest results in business, was given to Rodan + Fields for the paradoxical breakthrough in the field of direct sales. "The company's approach is holistic, including products that exceed the customers' expectations, the creation of the community and the market values. Rodan + Fields seeks to establish an unprecedented legacy for future independent consultants, employees and the direct selling industry," noted in the Association.

The company Rodan + Fields has also received an Excellence in Sales Force Development Award for its program Pulse Start Up Wizard, a series of eight simple steps for fast integration of Rodan + Fields consultants into the modern business system and assistance in building their business to a fast start – within the first 48 hours from the moment of registration in the program.

In addition, the company Rodan + Fields was one of three finalists in the nomination for the Technology Innovation Award for its Skinpact News. Skinpact News is a series of 2-minute videos featuring Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, telling about the impact of the latest developments in the field of dermatology on the skin.


In 2015 the Euromonitor company put the Rodan + Fields to the second place in the US among the premium brands of skin care and to the first place among the fastest growing brands of skin care products in the United States over the past 5 years.

On April 11, 2016 in San Francisco, California, the company Rodan + Fields reported that in 2015 the net income was $626.900000 and the company achieved the 90% growth year on year.

Diane Dietz, President and CEO of Rodan + Fields, said: "2015 was a year of rapid growth for Rodan + Fields, putting us on the high road to becoming a billion brand of skin care. These advanced achievements in the industry confirm that our strategy provides a clinically proven, dermatologically tested skin care through our unique business model. We are incredibly proud of our independent consultants that are transforming people's approach to the purchase of skin care products. Our community of independent consultants and strong consumer acceptance of our systematic strategy in skin care will continue to promote our brand to achieve new aims."


The company Rodan + Fields does not supply its products to the retail stores. All products are sold through a system of independent consultants, who act as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the final customer, creating a multilevel marketing system. Also the company's products are available for sale at online stores (Amazon, etc.) and on the official website of the manufacturer.

The cost of the company's main products on the official website of the manufacturer:


"In 2007, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling, with the brand reintroduced in 2008 as a newly-formed company. The company’s thousands of Independent Consultants quickly generated revenue that far exceeded what leading department store chains achieved with the brand." (BusinessWire)

"The company’s philosophy—that great skin can make a real difference in people’s lives. “Our best advertisements are our consultants because the beautiful results are literally written all over their faces,” says Dr. Rodan. “I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t have some issue with her skin at one point or another, especially with age. With less than one dermatologist per 30,000 people in the population, successful self-treatment can be difficult to achieve.” (DirectSellingNews)

"While the Rodan & Fields brand is already a known entity, the company is still doing everything it can to support its new endeavor. The doctors are doing a national tour for half-day educational clinics to introduce attendees to the brand, the way the company works and the various options for participation." (DMN)

"The Rodan + Fields pitch is about more than just the allure of antiaging creams. The company’s independent reps also sell the dream that any woman can easily achieve financial independence and success by becoming a Rodan + Fields saleswoman." (Forbes)

"Rodan & Fields relies on a sales force of mostly women to sell the company’s skin care products—which target everything from wrinkles to blemishes—directly to their personal networks of family members and friends. The company pulled its products out of department stores in 2007, but they are available on the Rodan & Fields website." (The Wall Street Journal)


"I have been using Rodan + Fields products for 2 years. I love their products. This product really works for my black circles under the eyes. I have veins close to the surface right below my eyes. It really shows the darkness even when I am not tired. This product really helps to keep the darkness away. It makes me look and feel younger. I know these products are pricey, but you get what you pay for. Rodan + Fields are the best in their fields." (Lyme Gal)

"I sometimes have facial redness and it is annoying and embarassing. Since using the SOOTHE Regimen my face seems to be calmer and I have not been getting the redness. So far so good!!" (Linda Cathcart)

"I am 34 years old and have struggled with breakouts all of my adult life. I have tried about every latest and greatest anti-acne product on the market and have always been disappointed. For the first time ever I have only great things to say about this product line! After a week of use my skin was 80% clear. By week 2 all blemishes were gone. I ran out of product and had to wait a week for it to arrive. During my week off my clear skin started breaking out as before so clearly this amazing stuff is doing the job! I am truly a believer and have finally found a product worth sticking with." (maxwell2004)