A natural insulating material that is resistant to ignition was developed by the Chilean company Rootman. Today one of the main problems is the creation of high-quality products, but at the same time, this product should be eco-friendly. This proposed task has achieved unexpected results. After seven years of work and research, Rootman company has a product that seeks to make significant changes to home insulators. 

Rootman is a company dedicated to developing innovations in the field of sustainable construction and energy efficiency, high-performance agricultural and biotechnological solutions that seek to maximize the use of the environment. Their area of work is related to the development of materials and products based on Radicular Mattress for application in the field of construction, high-performance agriculture, landscaping, furniture accessories, food, etc. Rootman has an area of developing innovative projects and sustainable technological solutions for solving the problems that people face every day.

The developers were focused on creating a technology that is able to provide more efficient methods of isolation and protect buildings from rapid ignition in case of fire. Therefore, the Chilean team Rootman developed Thermoroot. According to the developers, Thermoroot absorbs sound and keeps thermal insulation. It is a biodegradable product and provides natural isolation from roots without genetic modifications or chemical additives. The main advantage of it is that the material burns only after an hour of exposure to fire. If compare it with polystyrene, fiberglass or polyurethane, these kinds of materials resist only a few seconds.  These roots constitute what the company calls the Radicular Mattress, which, in addition to the thermal and acoustic insulation of walls, floors, and ceilings of buildings, is fire resistant.

According to Roberto García, the General Manager, the uniqueness of this technology lies in the fact that it is one of the best natural insulators materials, compared with the traditional ones. At the same time, the isolation, which is made from Thermoroot, is acoustic and also have a high resistant to flame, other materials do not have this function. That is, it burns much slower than other materials, which is an incredible advantage for the protection of houses, especially in a country where there are severe consequences of forest fires. The production of this mattress takes from 10 to 15 days and is developed in isolated rooms where germination of seeds is done

In addition, the inventors can adjust the thickness of the roots, according to the requirements. The technology can be carried out in any geographical location or climate, leaving a low ecological footprint. Because caring for it does not require a large amount of water and it practically does not emit carbon dioxide. The material is used as an insulator, it is installed between the face of the panels that form the walls of the house. Its measures are  50 × 50 centimeters and a thickness of 5 cm, which can vary depending on the zoning and application.  The team of inventors has already created several houses from this material. The technology has patents. Currently, the company is looking for investors who would like to promote this technology.