The world's first chewable coffee


If you have salt and water - you've got light and power


Therapeutic eye treatment pads

Skinesis is a luscious and efficacious skincare brand

Beauty specialist and skincare expert Sarah Chapman, one of London’s most sought-after facialists, formulated her own products, Skinesis, based on her philosophy to deliver an anti-ageing range that is a true blend of cutting-edge cosmeceutical skincare, botanicals and luxury. She has founded the Skinesis Clinic London that became a mecca for skin-savvy celebrities, editors and skin obsessives. Each of Sarah's luxurious, award-winning in-house treatments are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the client, meaning no two Skinesis facials are the same. Her products brilliantly deliver the extraordinary results of her facials with a synergistic mix of the most advanced potent ingredients. The Skinesis skincare line comprises highly active, complex formulas founded on the best of modern science and cutting-edge research available today, coupled with a luxurious feel that make them as enjoyable to use as they are effective. Skinesis eponymous professional retail line allows the clients to share in the miraculous results from home.

99 days ago

Custom-mixed organic muesli

Mymuesli’s Muesli Mixer is a unique muesli mixing technology that offers 566 quadrillion variations of cereal breakfast from 80 natural ingredients. All ingredients are coming from certified organic producers worldwide. Together with natural oat and wheat base, there is also a wide selection of nuts, seeds, fruits and extras. With the German brand, it became possible to mix and order the tailor-made organic muesli in the individually designed tube online. The customer may also choose one of the ready-made creations. Alongside with private customers' model, the brand has developed special corporate and gift propositions as well as muesli for kids. Mymuesli rapid growth makes the brand the key player at the German breakfast cereal market. Today the bio-food product is available worldwide namely at Austrian, Netherland, Swiss, UK and Swedish markets.


Nanoplast forte is the power of science against pain

The company NanoTech Pharma has been operating since 2009. The company is a manufacturer and developer of a number of pharmaceutical products and products, including the medical patch Nanoplast Forte. Therapeutic anesthetic anti-inflammatory Nanoplast forte is a new standard for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Detailed clinical studies based on evidence-based medicine have shown that the Nanoplast forte therapeutic patch has high efficacy and safety for both reliefs of acute conditions and course therapy for various diseases of the joints, spine, muscles and ligaments.


Airing is the world’s first maskless, cordless micro-CPAP device


The first teff gluten-free product


Fluoride-free chocolate toothpaste

Preventing stroke at home

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Dr. Luka Fajs, Eclipse Diagnostics Inc., CEO, about the blood-testing medical platform. Eclipse Diagnostics is a biotech company developing a patented device for early stroke (lat. Apoplexia) detection.  Strokes are the second cause of death in the US and this device can help 7M stroke patients prevent another stroke.  Eclipse Diagnostics are raising capital for the FDA approval process.



Impossible Foods makes delicious, nutritious meat from plants

Animal agriculture occupies nearly half of the world’s land, making it one of the greatest threats to wildlife and biodiversity. Raising livestock for food is responsible for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions and consumes 25% of the world’s fresh water. Therefore, Impossible Foods makes meat directly from plants, using a small fraction of land, water and energy as meat from animals - so people can keep enjoying their favourite foods, without destroying the environment. The company’s mission is to eliminate the need for animals as a food production technology and make the global food system sustainable.


First ink from air pollution

Graviky Labs captures air pollution and turns it into inks. The company has developed KAALINK, a retrofit technology which captures carbon emissions from vehicles or chimneys before it enters atmosphere. The captured pollutants are then recycled into inks, so called AIR-INK. 1.6 trillion litres of air is cleaned so far with the help of Graviky Labs.


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