Next generation bicycle helmet


Artificially cultured meat


World's first wearable translator

Portable artificial vision

The OrCam MyEye is a portable, artificial vision device that allows the visually impaired and blind to understand text and identify objects. The device was developed by OrCam Technologies Limited, and was released as a prototype in September 2013. To recognize an object or text, the wearer points at it and the device then interprets the object or scene. The audio information is transmitted to a bone conduction speaker, similar to the Google Glass headset.

94 days ago

Wearable heartbeat authenticator

The Nymi BandTM is the world’s first wearable security device that detects a person’s unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate his identity and allow access to devices, spaces and applications. The device uses Nymi’s HeartIDTM algorithm developed as a part of a 2009 PhD research project at the University of Toronto. The Nymi Band is able to replace conventional identity prompts such as passwords, PINs, and keys, using Nymi’s “Always On AuthenticationTM”, a persistent authentication model. With the growing integration of smart technologies, the Nymi Band enables a seamless work experience across several industries such as Industrial IoT and Healthcare.

94 days ago

The sharpest and most durable knife

KNASA Chef Knife is ultra-sharp and most durable kitchen knife brand. It is introduced by Habitat using the metal alloy that was developed by NASA and the California Institute of Technology. This revolutionary metal is bonded to a stainless steel knife blank to create a knife edge of unsurpassed sharpness and remarkable durability. The company has also developed a one-of-a-kind robot welding process revolutionizing the knife-making industry. The intuitive, durable, light, comfortable, high-quality and appealing knife is built for the at-home or professional chef.

94 days ago

The warmest and thinnest apparel

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