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The sharpest and most durable knife


The warmest and thinnest apparel

If you have salt and water - you've got light and power

After over three years of research and product development, Hydra-Light presented the first product - its new saltwater EnergyCell technology. In mid-February a salt lamp Hydra-Light PL-500 was exposed on the Crowdfunding project. This light source is powered by salt water. It does not require batteries and can charge smartphones. In total, on one fuel element, it provides a light coverage as long as about 85 standard AA batteries do.

35 days ago

The world's first chewable coffee

Many busy people have such moments during the day when they need to cheer up, but there is no possibility to have a cup of coffee. Thus, the US company has developed coffee in the form of chewing marmalade that can be always at hand. So people can receive their portion invigorating caffeine in any circumstances. Each piece of Go Cubes is half a cup of coffee or 50 mg of caffeine in a single bite. They also include Vitamin B and folic acid. Such amount of components is enough to stay focused for 4-6 hours. Go Cubes are not only invigorating but they also increase brain activity and acumen, help focus when performing complex and painstaking work, ensure long-term performance, improves memory. To start the production of a new form of coffee, the inventors needed to collect $ 20,000. But they actually raised $ 60,196 with 1,690 backers because of a great interest to the project.

35 days ago

Therapeutic eye treatment pads

eyeSlices are therapeutic eye treatment pads created for the beauty and wellness industry. Dermal delivery eye pads reduce the appearance of red eyes, dark circles under eyes, tired eyes, wrinkles and puffy eyes within 5 minutes of use. An innovative product is based on a global first cryogel polymer technology. eyeSlices, first in the world, are using natural essences with a bio-innovation to bring about an all-in-one solution to all common eye concerns.

35 days ago

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