The anti-aging strategy was developed by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the leading researcher of the SENS Research Foundation. The scientist considers that combating age-related changes will help people live longer and move into the era of post-aging.

Aubrey de Grey compares the human body with a machine, which needs constant updating and improvement. From his point of view, this will lead to an increase in the life of the organism and its productivity.

The main goal of the organization is to understand how to make immunity to be stable to fight undesirable cells and rid the body of their negative effects. SENS Research Foundation together with the US Buck Institute for Aging Research, for achieving this goal, launched a research project on the study of dysfunctional leukocytes at the end of April 2017.

According to Judith Campizi, the project manager at the Buck Laboratory, various types of unwanted cells accumulate during aging and affect the function of many systems, including the immune system. Therefore, the main task is to study methods of eliminating these cells and rejuvenating the body, causing unwanted cells to self-destruct.

Proceeding from this, Aubrey de Grey is convinced that he developed his strategy of "Divide and Conquer", according to which seven processes in the body are rеsponsible for aging. He said that scientists could fight with them, whether loss of cells or destructive mutations of mitochondria.

The scientist plans to study in detail all seven causes of aging and develop a plan to combat each of the processes separately. The organization concentrates on the rarest studies, which other scientists pay not so much attention. He believes that all these problems are mechanical, so they can be eliminated. Also, according to the scientist, the prolongation of life and the improvement of its quality will ease the financial burden on younger generations and help the elderly to remain active longer.

Touching upon the problem of overpopulation caused by the growth of life expectancy, Grey notes that technologies in the field of renewable energy and desalination extend the life of our planet. In addition, the birth rate is falling, and in the future, in his opinion, it will be controlled artificially.

What for people is a priority the cure for a mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease (lat. morbus Alzheimerianus) or the need to have fewer children? He believes that the answer is obvious and the society will have to answer this question asap. 

The use of the medicine against aging, according to Grey, will become available in the next 20 years. SENS already conducts clinical trials, but the maximum result can be achieved only after the release of funds to combat all seven aging processes.

SENS Research Foundation is aggressively pursuing the most basic, fundamental research in the new science of rejuvenation biotechnology. These researches are supported by Forever Healthy Foundation and its founder Michael Greve. But currently, none of SENS research programs are able to make use of human subjects.