Sense Glove’s unique low latency force-feedback system enables the user to feel the shape and density of virtual objects. Due to the precise sensor-based tracking of each joint in the hand, every interaction using the Sense Glove renders a virtual reality to feel like a physical environment. The sense glove can be used as a force-feedback controller for virtual and augmented reality or as the input device for telerobotics. Sense Glove is a spinoff of Delft University of Technology (TUDelft).

At Sense Glove inventors believe that Virtual and augmented reality will change the way we interface with the digital world. The aim of these technologies is to make the digital world more lifelike and intuitive. However, the interaction with digital artifacts within the current state of the technology is far from lifelike. That is why scientists at Sense Glove want to make the virtual and augmented reality real. One big problem for Virtual Reality (VR) is that, while it can use sight and sound to create 3D environments, other senses, like touch, are not as developed. The makers of the Sense Glove aim to change that, with a device that lets users feel their interactions with virtual objects. With Sense Glove person can feel and interact with each object, he can pull each handle, and push each button as if they are real.

For multiple companies in the automotive and manufacturing industry Sense Glove facilitates VR training for their operational and maintenance personnel. Assembly lines or complex machines are too expensive to occupy for trainings purposes. With VR in combination with Sense Glove, this personnel can be trained like they were working with the real hardware. The Sense Glove resembles a large, skeletal hand into which the users slide their own, while also fastening attachments to their fingers. According to CEO Gijs Den Butter, basically, Sense Glove enables touch in virtual reality. It does it with force feedback, so a person actually is restricted when he is trying to grasp an object, and with haptic feedback, so a person gets a little tactile sensation when for example he is touching hard or slippery objects.

The Sense Glove is a remarkable advancement over the typical controllers bundled with VR headsets, with may track the movement of the user’s hands, but don’t offer any real sense of touch beyond rumbling. The device is still in the prototype stage. Den Butter planned to have a development kit out in June 2018. Those kits are currently available for pre-order. Sense Glove is a portfolio company of the UNIIQ fund.