Sensmet develops micro-plasma optical emission spectroscopy technology for real-time multi-element analysis of process and environmental water samples. The company is the University of Oulu (UniOulu) spinoff. Sensmet was launched in 2017 spinning off from several years' university research on the micro-discharge analyser technology and related application development. The Sensmet team has extensive industrial and academic background in the measurement science and technology and R&D. Scientists are currently building strategic partnerships in selected industrial sectors to develop the first real-time multi-element measurement applications.

Sensmet has made an analytical breakthrough by developing a novel Micro-discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy μDOES™ technology allowing for multi-element online analytics in aqueous samples. In the core of the μDOES™ multi-element analyser is a proprietary measurement cell which employs micro-discharge generated directly in the aqueous sample. During the measurement the molecular analytes of the sample are first dissociated into atoms followed by the excitation of the atoms to their higher electronic states. Upon returning to their ground states atoms release their excess energy by emitting optical radiation. Analysis of the emission spectrum reveals the sample’s elemental composition and the respective concentrations in real-time.

Scientists are currently looking for strategic partners to build the first real-time multi-element measurement applications in selected industrial sectors. First commercial μDOES™ analyser services and products will be launched in Q1 2019

Sensmet also delivers Stormwater Monitoring. Stormwater is surface runoff resulting from rainfall or snowmelt in constructed areas. Traditional strategies to manage stormwater require large infrastructure investments. Improving the stormwater management and reducing the runoff and associated pollution is an important long-term part of protecting public health. Sensmet has delivered fully automated 24/7 online multi-element stormwater monitoring system. The developed system is currently the first one of its kind in the world.