Technology Skinte allows you to completely restore the skin of a person after third-degree burns. This technology was developed by Denver Lough MD, PhD of PolarityTE, Inc. This company is aimed at regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Typically, skin grafts are the standard treatment for burn patients. But doctors can not use them for patients with large burns that require extensive coverage. SkinTE is the world's first technology that has been able to repair damaged skin. Previously, no one could do it. SkinTE allows you to restore the skin with the full thickness of the patient's own tissue. Regenerated skin is applied to the wound in less than 24 hours.

This summer, the company demonstrated pre-clinical data showing that Skinte regenerated all layers of the skin, promoting healing, a growth of hair follicles and immediate full coverage of the wound. The company was able to completely regenerate the thickness and structure of the skin, as well as regenerate hair on the skin after the third-degree burn. There is a team of experienced surgeons in this company. According to Denver Lough, all of they have unrivaled expertise in clinical research.

According to PolarityTE, Inc., the main function of the technology is that the patient undergoes a biopsy. Scientists take the biopsy out of the suffered place, after this procedure healthy cells begin to replace the dead cells. Healthy skin will gradually cover the wound without leaving scars. The skin regenerates entirely on all layers of the skin, including hair.  However, the company does not disclose exactly how the recovery is going on.

The company announced that they are not going to stop only for skin regeneration. This is only the first stage that will lead them in the future to regenerate bones, muscles, cartilage, nerve, etc. The company pays much attention to the platform for bone regeneration, OsteoTE. It also plans to conduct a similar registration of the FDA as cells, tissues and cellular and human tissue product.

The most important is that the only way to restore the patient's tissue is to use his own cells and tissues. If a researcher takes cells and tissues from another patient, the body will always reject them. The basic principle of SkinTE is that the person must regenerate on his own.

Currently, SkinTE researches were conducted only on pigs. Scientists believe that it will be appropriate for a person too because the skin of a pig and a man is very similar. The early experiments on pigs have always accurately predicted the behavior of human skin. If experiments on humans are successful, it will be a major breakthrough in the treatment of the most severe burns. The company planned to conduct the clinical research on a person at the end of 2017.

PolarityTE, Inc. is going to increase commercialization in 2018.  The company plans to present the product in limited quantities for the selection of medical institutions. It will add institutions one at a time for expanding its manufacturing and its manufacturing capabilities. The future plans is to expand across the country. They are going to realize this plan in 2019.