The next generation in lighting has arrived, shining brighter and farther than ever before. In the last decade, LED enabled a new generation of lighting that changed everything. Now, LaserLight outshines the limits of LED to deliver safe, high luminance white light from an incredibly small point source. LaserLight doesn’t just offer superior technology, it’s enabling entirely new opportunities. 
As an independent spin-off from Soraa Inc, SLD Laser was founded in 2013 by several leading global pioneers in solid-state lighting, including Dr. Shuji Nakamura, a 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics for his groundbreaking work with LEDs, Dr. Steve Denbaars, Dr. James Raring, and Dr. Paul Rudy. The laser technology incorporates a robust intellectual property portfolio of over 500 patents

The company is commercializing revolutionary semi-polar GaN LaserLight for the next generation of the display, automotive, and specialty applications. LaserLight sources are used directly in a single color and R-G-B applications, or integrated into laser pumped phosphor architectures.


LaserLight SMD

Brighter and smaller than any other

The world's first high luminance, fully integrated white laser light emitter enables ultra-long beam distances, narrow beam angles and small optic sizes. The combination of luminance, size, efficacy and lifetime exceeds the capabilities of typical LEDs or HID light sources by more than 100x. For the first time, designers of solid-state applications have access to a unique performance enabler for directional lighting. More than 100x the luminance of typical LED, LaserLight SMD delivers 500 lumens of white light and 1,000 candelas per square mm output from a miniature 7mm surface mount device (SMD) lighting package. Efficacy of the light output remains roughly constant as power is driven higher, due to the droop-free operation with increasing power. Additional technology can be added downstream from LaserLight modules to electronically control and dynamically change the beam angle and shape.

LaserLight Fiber

LaserLight Fiber is the world’s first white light, high luminance, remotely-delivered laser light module. This unique form factor is enabling a brilliant new era in lighting performance, safety, and styling with high precision, ultra-compact, illumination that may be sealed in a location remote from the laser and its electronics which may be placed in another location that has more favorable physical and thermal characteristics.

The innovative fiber architecture enables a completely passive light source with miniature optics. Deliver 400 lumens of light remotely, ideal for pole lights, bridges, tunnels, down hole, and high tower applications. LaserLight Fiber utilizes the reflectance of light from the phosphor to enable safeguards with beam blocks or optical sensors to ensure coherent blue laser light is never released. Get numerous options for precision lighting effects: ultra-compact, long-range spotlights; ultra-short throw, high angle illumination; and glare-free pattern generation with a sharp light gradient. LaserLight Fiber is ideal for spatially dynamic lighting systems; enhanced visibility imaging for emerging smart car and smart city applications; and next-generation high-speed LiFi data communication.

LaserLight Blue

The miniature form factor and high optical power of the GaN semi-polar blue laser feature reliability, high optical brightness with free space and fiber delivery options that are ideal for integration into multi-chip packages and modules for display systems. Additionally, SLD Laser technology provides versatility in output wavelength, enabling future products from violet, to blue, to green emission to address the wide gamut of visible laser applications.

Semi-polar blue laser diodes with outputs of 3-5 W per device deliver more optical power than LEDs that are more than 10x the size. Manufactured on a unique and carefully selected semi-polar GaN crystal plane, this novel approach results in a 300% increase in gain, enabling greater device efficiency and reliability.

LaserLight sources for specific applications, including laser pumped phosphor architectures, as well as direct single color and R-G-B laser applications. SLD Laser technology provides fundamental advantages because semi-polar GaN devices eliminate internal electrostatic fields and provide maximum overlap between electrons and holes.

Visible light sources are also ideal for next-generation medical systems. The wavelength range of Blue GaN lasers shows a high level of absorption in blood and tissue which translates to a significant improvement for efficiency and effectiveness over legacy NIR laser wavelengths.