A therapeutic target for anorexia nervosa

New way to detect tumor biomarkers through a simple blood test

Bioassay for diagnosing immune cell defects associated with autism

Breast cancer prognostic biomarker to improve chemotherapy decisions

There are many options for breast cancer (lat. Carcinoma) treatment, with the optimal choice depending on stage, grade, type, and prognosis. Early and accurate detection and classification can greatly increase the chances of treatment success, but current prognostic tests for breast cancer are limited to certain types and stages of cancer and their accuracy is limited. However, scientists, led by Professor Dimitris Anastassiou at Columbia University developed an algorithm (called BCAM) that uses a set of metagenes (linear combinations of individual genes that are biomarkers for underlying biological mechanisms) to provide prognostic information for any stage and type of cancer in a single test. This technology could be utilized as an integrated breast cancer test for individualized prognosis to determine optimal treatment for breast cancer patients.

13 hours ago

Endo-rectal diagnostic tool for improved detection of prostate cancer

Current methods to diagnose prostate cancer (lat. Carcinoma) involve a combination of histologic examinations, prostate antigen testing, and digital rectal examinations. Histological examinations require invasive tissue biopsies, while prostate antigen testing and rectal examination are limited by detection and localization accuracy. As a result, these diagnostic methods to identify prostate cancer lack sensitivity, specificity, and convenience. There are currently, no available methods for accurately and non-invasively distinguishing malignant tumors from benign tissue in the prostate. Therefore, scientists including Andreas Helmut Hielscher, Hyun Keol Kim, Jong Hwan Michael Lee, and Emerson Lim at the Columbia University developed a technology that implements endo-rectal diffuse optical tomography (DOT) imaging to assess tumor localization, vascularity, and architecture for a more accurate detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

1 day ago

Portable cancer test uses a smartphone: a new gold biosensor

Early diagnosis of cancer (lat. Carcinoma) greatly improves the odds of successful treatment. Yet many people, especially in developing countries, lack access to facilities to detect the disease. To address this issue, a research team at the University at Buffalo is creating a new cancer-spotting tool that health care providers could eventually use in areas that lack hospitals, clinics, and other treatment centers. This innovative tool is based upon a unique gold biosensor the research team created. When paired with a computer or smartphone and other inexpensive tools, the system is capable of spotting cancer biomarkers from a blood sample.

1 day ago

PupilScreen: detecting concussion and brain injuries with a smartphone

The new method for treating bladder disease

A clinically relevant biomarker for erosive rheumatoid arthritis

Using biosensors to deliver personalized doses of antibiotics

A portable biosensor that can measure the amount of vancomycin in a patient’s bloodstream, enabling doctors to better control the dosage and reduce harmful side effects has been developed by a team of eight Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne students. Their technology - developed for the upcoming SensUs international competition - could eventually be used for other antibiotics as well. Their device can provide precise measurements of the amount of vancomycin, an antibiotic used as a last-resort treatment, in a patient’s blood plasma. This information will help doctors deliver exactly the amount of drug needed and therefore reduce the occurrence of harmful side effects. For instance, vancomycin is known to cause damage to the kidneys and to hearing.

2 days ago

The future of cancer detection test

The blood test to aid in early detection of lung cancer (lat. Carcinoma) using a combined panel of four biomarkers was developed by 20/20 GeneSystems. The company is focused on reducing cancer deaths worldwide through its years of experience in the development and use of cancer biomarker test development.  By leveraging this expertise and combining it with advanced machine learning and data analytics, new tests are being released which substantially improve the accuracy of biomarker blood tests for the early detection of cancers. This unique approach, being pioneered by 20/20,  results in affordable, highly accurate cancer blood tests. The company's innovative business model uses advanced analytics on large volumes of a real world, clinically relevant patient health data collected from hospital centers where tumor biomarker testing has been used for many years.

2 days ago

Affordable Early Cancer Detection Blood Tests

Multi-biomarker cancer (lat. Carcinoma) blood test that surveys for an increased genetic risk of 24 cancers including lung, colorectal, and prostate was developed by CellMax Life. The company is preventing and detecting cancer early even before symptoms appear with highly accurate, clinically validated, routine blood-draw based tests to detect and analyze rare tumor cells (CTCs). To achieve the mission of transforming how cancer is diagnosed and managed with globally affordable non-invasive tests for early cancer detection and management, the company has built a team of experts across multiple disciplines, including circulating tumor cells, imaging, instrumentation, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, software and oncology diagnostics commercialization.

2 days ago

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