This category includes the technologies that were developed on the basis of the scientific research and are currently at the patent-pending stage. Investments in such I.P. is substantially less risky than investing in research-stage projects. The commercial potential of its technology can be estimated, and it can be forecasted when a working prototype will be developed and the technology will be commercialized in the form of a Science Spinoff. The disadvantage of investment at this stage is a high level of awareness of the technology. Generally, it takes 1-2 days after the publication in leading scientific journals about the discovery of a new or improved technology with high commercial potential for the majority of investment companies to receive information and offer the scientist to fund his project in exchange for a share in a future Science Spinoff. A substantial increase in the cost of buying a stake in a future company is caused by prior funding of the project at the research phase, high interest from investment companies, and significantly lower investment risks. At this stage of development, to become a co-owner of a Science Spinoff requires investment of several million dollars. The best projects of the TECHNOLOGY category are awarded the “Spinoff Award” for the outstanding technology transfer and commercialization. If one of the projects is of your interest in terms of partnership and funding, you will find all the necessary information and contact information of the scientists at the bottom of each article page. If you consider your technology is worth to be listed in SPINOFF.COM collection (even if you need no investors and partners), please send us detailed information about your project to and after a thorough analysis, we will contact you.


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Young blood plasma for rejuvenation

Alkahest is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapies derived from blood and plasma to treat neurodegenerative diseases and other age-related conditions. The company was founded upon the scientific, technological advances and empirical findings of Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray and the researchers at Stanford University. Their scientific data support the existence of beneficial “rejuvenating” factors in young plasma and the presence of “age-promoting” factors in old plasma. With further development, Alkahest’s mission is to extend quality of life in old age.

Diamond battery

Batteries from radioactive wastes

Dіamond batterіes are an energy sоurce, whіch generates pоwer by cоnverting radіoactive gas from nuclear wаstes іnto artificіal dіamonds. These dіamonds, whіch are able to generate theіr own electrіcal current, could potentіally provіde a pоwer sоurce for thоusands of years, due tо the lоngstanding half-lіfe of the radіoactive substances thеy are made frоm. The batterіes aіm to solve sоme of the prоblems of nuclear waste, clean electrіcity generatіon and battery lіfe.